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Luisito Comunica opens his own restaurant and collaborates with the promotion of the sector

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Luisito Comunica opens his own restaurant and collaborates with the promotion of the sector

Inquisitor Communicant is one of the most influential you tubers in Mexico and lately one of the ones with the greatest presence in the media in the face of unexpected business launches that he has been able to find. The best example is a telephone company called “Pillion”, of cellular telephone services.

The service competes in the segment with an offer of two plans to users with different benefits at prices ranging from 149 pesos to 299 pesos per month, plus the bonus that the you tuber’s personal brand implies.

Now he will enter the restaurant business Chad Email Address. Through his YouTube channel, he took a tour to show every detail of his new business, “the best in its class,” he said.

The character told the story of how he decided to start the business, spoke with the owner of the place and after making negotiations, the “King Palomar” bought shares in a restaurant.

“After a few conversations and agreements, it came to fruition. It is a fact and today I can tell you: I bought part of my favorite restaurant. I am a member, I own this place and I can proudly tell you: I invite you to come and eat at my restaurant ”, he commented.

His restaurant is called “Diego & Kaitlin”, it offers Japanese food and authentic cut of Kobe meat, with Kobe meat certification in Mexico City. It has a bar service, a canteen and a karaoke, set like a traditional Japanese, in addition to having a fish pond at the entrance.

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This issue immediately draws attention to a sector that requires it in the face of discouraging figures. According to the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac): before the contingency, there were 2 million Mexicans working mobile lead in restaurants directly and 3.5 million indirectly. And according to IMSS data from three weeks ago, 21 percent of those 2 million jobs have been lost, about 400 thousand jobs lost.

Regarding investments in the construction of new restaurants, hotels and shopping centers, the Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI) indicated that all the projects that were underway before the pandemic are still underway. However, new investments fell between 20 percent and 25 percent at the national level, pending the process of economic reactivation at the end of 2021 and 2022.

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