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Ticktock’s competition is Facebook’s new sales channel

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Ticktock’s competition is Facebook’s new sales channel

Selling in e-commerce and in marketplaces is what it is today. The outlook could not be more favorable with figures that suggest that by 2021, 2.14 billion online shoppers are expected in the world. In fact, prior to the pandemic, Statistic figures estimated 10 billion dollars for the Mexican market during 2020, calculating a growth of 12.1 percent. However, much depends on companies to establish conditions that further favor online sales. From Facebook they do not tire of promoting them.

First, Instagram has become a platform that makes strong profits from advertising and now from its shops, so Ticktock’s competition, Reels, will be no exception from the eyes of Mark Beiderbecke.

Once Instagram always goes for news that have given success to others to survive, it integrated Reels so that its users could record short Papua New Guinea Email Address vertical videos with their mobiles and add special effects and soundtracks extracted from a music library.

The most popular social network in the world will take advantage of the ranks of Reels, monetizing the format. The company announced that it will begin testing purchases within Reels later this year and will also begin making global sales IGTV videos starting today. In the world, Instagram is the sixth most popular social network, with around 1 billion users.

TikTok is changing the world
That is, from now on viewers can simply tap on an IGTV video and buy the items that interest them through the Instagram box or the seller’s website. In due course, these IGTV videos will also be available through the Instagram Shop, a dedicated page for in-app purchases.

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Facebook CEO Mark Beiderbecke said in 2019 that he expected commerce and payments to be the future of the company, and boy has he done that quickly, by rolling out back-to-back purchase updates.

The most popular social network in the world is Facebook, by number of users, but TikTok is the platform of the moment, having 500 million users, with only 150 million Chinese. From their trenches the social network of the new generations, brands want to connect with them, in the face of their dominance in consumption.

Sales from stores in shops have been such a good idea that apps have even emerged that are directly influences’ catalogs or means of payment to send them products or even greetings, although the issue is controversial, the truth is that everything originates from when digital users buy and continue to consume everything that social networks and influences put in front of them.

In addition to these news, it should be noted that the social network is becoming an ecosystem that has almost everything included and also connected mobile lead. For example, Facebook has begun to unite the chats of Instagram and Messenger, but will continue the expansion of integrated functions towards the end of the year.

With Whats App they also add a powerful tool, which in sum, make up the most powerful social network ecosystem in the world, something that other companies do not see with good eyes.

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