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Apple reopens its stores in CDMX but under exclusive measures

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Apple reopens its stores in CDMX but under exclusive measures

While Microsoft decided to permanently close its physical stores and bet on online sales, for Apple its Apple Stores continue to be a definitive connection with its consumer, due to the experiences it offers in them.

It is a sales channel that seems to make a difference for the company, especially in the East, where at this time it has opened more stores with never-before-seen experiences, such as the one that floats on water.

Their experiences are such that the company insists on reopening its spaces around the world and although in Mexico City there are very few Panama Email Address businesses that are still not closed, Apple Stores are part of that list. The squares and department stores received authorization three months ago, but it is until now that the Stores de la Gig ante de Recuperation have reopened their doors in CDMX.

The official reopening will be this October 7, the day from which it will be attended with a special schedule from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time), but under special security measures.

Apple, cautious in CDMX
The rules they establish around the world are: Limited capacity for visitors, without face-to-face Today at Apple sessions, the temperature will be taken at the entrance and the use of masks and gloves will be required; A questionnaire will be made of questions about health to visitors and above all, an appointment is requested to go to the stores.

Specifically in the Mexican capital, in addition to social distancing, cleaning of the facilities, temperature control in those who enter the stores, as well as the delivery of face masks, it will be essential to make an appointment before going to the store.

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They will only attend by appointment, which can be an individual session for the case of purchases, or for technical support, although at the moment, the option is not enabled in Apple Vía Santa Fe or Apple Angara.

It is not clear why the company does not want to completely reopen its operations, since almost all the businesses have been reactivated and the authorities do not tire of assuring that it is a good idea. Although Apple’s services have worked during the pandemic, since its dedicated site serves potential buyers and products are shipped normally, customers urge their direct contact.

Some especially urge the company because they left their items under repair, since through e-commerce they can buy accessories and other items for the operation of their devices.

In addition to this, it is a fact that the home office and classes at home could require sales of key products for the firm, such as the iPad, which has generated record sales for the company, according to its latest reported figures, something that mobile lead years ago it was not seen, with an increase of 31 percent over the previous year reaching 6 thousand 600 million dollars.

In fact, the iPhone is not as important as the iPad or the Mac Book itself, since their Macs have a 22 percent growth in sales compared to 2019 and wearable in third place, between Air Pods and Apple Watch, necessary for example in an activity as important as keeping fit at home.

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