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Spottily surrenders to YouTube: it will change the way you search for songs

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Spottily surrenders to YouTube: it will change the way you search for songs

A few days ago the issue was made macro that Spottily had a huge disadvantage against YouTube because the most popular video platform in the world found songs instantly, no matter how few clues were given, even with nonsensical phrases.

For a sample they placed fragments of a song in the search engine, in fact Spanish interpretations of songs in English and it still Pakistan Email Address worked, YouTube gave a sample of its large catalog and search system, something that in Spottily does not happen, at least until now.

Something positive about the streaming music platform apparently is that they are attentive to social networks and the comments of their consumers because they have immediately reacted to their maximum weakness in front of the video platform and they say that this will change forever.

The responses to the following post are the best example of what happened with both platforms and the experience of users searching for a song.

YouTube “Premium Lite” subscription offers cheaper ad-free viewing

Spottily late, but better late than never
For those moments when the name of the song does not reach the heads of its users, using the lyrics will be an option, now you can search for songs by their lyrics on iOS and Android. It is true that it is very late, but sometimes it is better late than never.

The function is quite simple: write some lyrics in the search bar of Spottily and the application will show songs that match. The songs that could be will have a “Letter Match” tag, as you can see in this tweet from Spottily designer Lin Wang:

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Searching by lyrics is a very useful function and you have hardly noticed it, because it seems that YouTube has always performed this function and even Apple Music allows you to search for songs with lyrics since 2018.

Users are constantly pushing for updates that mobile lead allow them a better experience, but companies should be the ones to release improvements long before there are complaints or the absence of certain features.

This isn’t the only lyrics-related feature that Spottily has recently added. The company introduced real time lyrics provided by Mismatch to 26 markets in June. That’s also an update feature of Apple Music, which added lyrics in real time alongside the release of iOS 13 last year.

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