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Sabras and Barrel trucks looted because of Copper

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Sabras and Barrel trucks looted because of Copper

It is common for customers with debts to receive calls and even visits from companies to guarantee payment of pending products or services. However, it is not everyday for consumers to charge brands, as was the case with Copped.

This particular store has even been the target of viral memes and videos before the firm to collect debts from its customers, shouting the names outside Pakistan Email Database their home, for example, but there has never been a case of actions by their own hands, until now.

According to Quadrant, several vehicles from various companies were detained by inhabitants of Capacitor, Michigan, allegedly due to a disagreement with the department store, in which Sabras and Parcel delivery vans were affected.

Around 10:00 am on Monday, it was reported that several armed men intercepted vehicles owned by the aforementioned companies, which had detained and looted the vehicles.

Apparently they lowered the drivers and kept the merchandise, not without issuing a presumed justification for their actions, since the protesters placed cards on which they placed that their actions were due to the fact that they supposedly received a transfer for 150 thousand pesos, and to the trying to withdraw the money, the cashier informed them that the withdrawal could be made within the next 24 hours.

This was the reason why these companies would have lost their merchandise due to a cause beyond their operations, since they have nothing to do with Copped.

Gen ZEOs: the new wave of leaders that companies will manage. Apple reopens its stores in CDMX but under exclusive measures. Between March 20 and April 20, 134 robberies and looting have been registered in the country, of which 61 percent (82) have occurred in the State of Mexico and Mexico City, with 51 and 31 cases respectively. , according to the special report issued by the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the Mexican government.

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The company is once again in the middle of the controversy, after consumers pointed out at the beginning of the contingency for not closing, at a time when the authorities only allowed operations of essential activities.

Along with Electra it held a high position in terms of low popularity and its brand reputation suffered. Its position was that it could operate because it has Bancorp in its ranks, an essential activity. Now that activities have resumed in much of the country, companies and stores have a “green light”, but they should not neglect fundamental aspects such as customer service or sanitary measures that must be respected.

In this sense, the Dario de Yucatan reported an agglomeration, not one day, but constantly outside the department store. The citizens themselves demanded the intervention of the municipal authorities to take action on the matter, although the response was not a closure.

In addition to this, data from the Comprehensive Information and Process System (SIIP) of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office revealed that mobile lead regarding complaints due to e-commerce failures, the outlook for Electra is particularly negative, with 315 complaints; Rap pi, with 272; and Koppel, with 249.

Electra and Copper alone are also part of the companies with the worst perception from the perspective of Mexicans, since an analysis by PER Planning Quanta revealed that the companies that are perceived as less supportive by Mexicans are Electra, CUE, Bunco Aztecs, Copper and TV Aztec.

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