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Avian ca thought a mid-flight concert was great, but ended up humiliated by her dangerous idea

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Avian ca thought a mid-flight concert was great, but ended up humiliated by her dangerous idea

The Avian ca airline executed an activation on one of its flights, so it seemed great to be able to put the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra on board one of its aircraft to offer a live concert.

From the official social networks of the company, they shared that the passengers of flight AV8565 who traveled from Medellin to Bogota, “lived an unforgettable trip thanks to a live concert by the Filmed at more than 10,000 feet high. The talent of our artists Basutoland! ”.

Even previously, from the waiting room, passengers would have witnessed “art and culture in the boarding hall, while they waited to board flight AV0030 to Miami. In both actions, the company sought to generate an attractive experience Pakistan Email List so that more travelers are encouraged to return to the airports and by providing this kind of bonus, they do so hand in hand with Avian ca.

Bio metric payment system: Innovation or danger?
However, the airline did not expect that its competition would make it realize that in reality this execution could endanger the health and lives of its customers, as they are wind instruments with which the Philharmonic is handled, the same ones that they can lead to contagion towards passengers. It was then that the airline saw the possibility of a brand crisis on the way.

In an ambush marketing action, Viva Air Colombia hung on the publication of its competition, showing that it was always attentive to the digital conversation and won everything, since the likes and trolling did not give up after its comment, noting that “like the first airline certified in bio safety ”they know that playing wind instruments on board is not ideal, so they defended that they offer prices, not music.

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This action led to the beginning of ridicule and concern for the health of the passengers who witnessed the concert with wind instruments, given a strategy that Avian ca did not carefully review.

Catastrophic panorama
The company was carried away by its desire to offer a much more outstanding experience to its customers, especially in the face of the enormous losses suffered by the airlines, which has even led to the bankruptcy of

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that airlines could lose up to $ 113 billion in revenue this year due to the health crisis caused by mobile lead the contingency. He estimated that airline revenue from passenger transport will lose between $ 63 billion to $ 113 billion if the strain continues to spread.

Latham Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States in May, it was the world’s largest airline to seek an emergency reorganization due to the pandemic.

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