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This is the powerful reason the customer can say yes to your brand

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This is the powerful reason the customer can say yes to your brand

The health crisis has had a strong impact on the economy of Mexican families, who over the months saw how the effects on their finances became more intense and their consumption habits were transformed, among them a powerful reason for the that the customer can say yes to a brand, or no.

The average factors by which the consumer buys are concentrated in the segments that he needs to a greater extent, in this sense the sectors that most consume Mexicans in e-commerce are led by Clothing, with 90 percent buying a garment in line, with blouses , shirts and pants being the most popular products, followed by sportswear Cape Verde Email List. As for footwear, urban sneakers and formal shoes, as well as boots and ankle boots are the most popular in e-commerce.

Also for the children’s sector, with more than 80 percent of users buying, at least once, some type of children’s item, be it toys, dolls, game centers or stuffed animals, although they also chose strollers and chairs to eat.

Technology enters a third point, with 60 percent having purchased technology products online, highlighting purchases of smartphones, smart TVs, and laptops. This for work, school and entertainment, needs that arise in the middle of confinement and have spread.

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And finally, the home has also become indispensable. Almost 60 percent also purchased household items such as mattresses, bedding, and pots. Everything that is essential to live.

Outside of these segments, sales are complicated, given the reduced budget of the consumer, but also because in his opinion of it, some brands cannot match the reason why they say yes to a brand, which according to the consultancy EY, it is a lower price.

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An analysis of the firm indicates that 44 percent of Mexican consumers chose to buy cheaper brands, while 55 percent stayed with the same brand, or bought mobile lead a more expensive one, and only 1 percent stopped buying. buy products.

This reflects that 91 percent of Mexicans saw a negative impact on their income, while 58 percent of Mexican consumers saw a reduction in their income, of at least 60 percent.

The economy of families is what is the main reason to say yes to a new brand, the one that offers them a lower price that supports their economy.

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