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5 marketing strategies to be successful in 2021

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5 marketing strategies to be successful in 2021

To understand 2020 it is a good idea to turn to the film industry. They have experienced what many would consider a Hecate. Decrease in sales, less advertising, traffic drop and little support from the studios. Mexico, for example, ranked fourth in 2019 in number of attendees, this year it slipped to eighth. Not only have it been the cinemas, many industries have seen their businesses diminish or disappear in the space of a few months. In the American Union, more than 70 percent of small business owners said they need more government help to be successful in 2021, according to the Small Business Index report for the fourth quarter released Tuesday by the US Chamber of Commerce. USA and Met Life. An even higher proportion, 83 percent, of the minority-owned businesses surveyed said that getting more federal aid is vital. In other words, things are difficult and cinemas are one of many businesses affected by the pandemic. But what makes them different is how they have reacted.

Together is better than apart
Back in the movies, one of the most interesting topics is the union of the two Mexican giants in studying and creating solutions. In a recent webinar I had the opportunity to speak with senior executives of Cinema and Minneapolis Canada Email Address. Anyone would think he was listening to two lifelong allies, co-workers or friends. Empathy to solve the problem is an example for other industries. Brands must work together for the ultimate goal: helping the consumer. Efforts at the industry level have better results and strengthen the brands that form a union. While the advertising of various brands speaks of union and family values, in practice “they bring water to their mill.”

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The consumer before the sale
Theaters probably would have fared better financially if they closed entire theaters or laid off most of their staff. However, they chose to bet on the consumer and —at least in Mexico and Spain— have fought to create safe spaces with half-full rooms. Let’s think about airplanes. Faced with the proposal to leave the central seats empty, the big aviation companies chose to reduce the frequency of flights but with full ships. I understand that the circumstances are different and I recognize that in both cases the air circulation is so efficient that the probability of contagion is lower – or at least that is what medical experts and the brands themselves say. – A visit to any movie theater It quickly shows that consumers are still afraid, but investing in trust will make them the first choice to be deemed safe.

First digital, not always digital
Brands that are digital in origin have an advantage in the pandemic, this radically changes the conception of our communication strategies. The brands that have come out ahead are those that have an “always-on” approach. In other words, they remain present in front of the consumer. A special weight for e-commerce that tries to compete with a giant like Amazon. The constant presence with the consumer goes beyond the digital space, the fall in advertising investment accompanied the decrease in retail sales. It is the best proof that non-digital advertising affects sales. The savings in promoters, audio at points of sale, external media and other media had an immediate negative consequence in the numbers of several mass consumer products firms mobile lead. The next year should be a good one for these media as its absence has been shown to be detrimental to sales. The digital space is good, worse it is not everything.

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The big ones can fall
Monopoly lawsuits in the American Union and Europe against the big names in technology open the door to a world without the rule of Google or Facebook. There are certainly arguments against the excessive power of these companies; however, it is also necessary to admit that they maintain order. If any page could easily place its results in position 1 of a search engine, we would have a bigger problem with fake news. Let’s just remember the days when it was common to come across adult site links in a normal search. Google has managed to eliminate that, to the extent that in most cases it is safe for a child to do certain types of searches. The social networks and Facebook messaging systems were the salvation for many companies that needed communication at low cost. But the potential exit from these hegemonic would bring problems to the current ecosystem of brands, it is therefore necessary to invest in having their own communities. This existed before social networks, many companies forgot how to do it, they may have to remember the way.

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