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Tactics to improve the conversions of your campaigns in the Christmas season

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Tactics to improve the conversions of your campaigns in the Christmas season

Christmas is getting closer and closer and with it brands and businesses are beginning to fall under the pressure of getting more conversions for their campaigns. If your brand is in this scenario, it can undoubtedly be of great help to have some tactics to boost conversions, which is why this time we will see something that can be done to boost in that regard. to the various marketing efforts that are underway.

As shared by Sale Cycle, here are some of the tactics businesses can follow in order to improve their conversions in the campaigns they have launched for this holiday season:


This first tactic to improve conversions is based on the idea that sometimes buyers need a little push to buy the items that a brand or company sells Cayman Islands Email Address. With that in mind, timers or countdowns work like that push. In fact, according to the source, they are considered effective but gentle in moving consumers.

One way to implement this tactic is with a counter for free delivery of purchases, quick deliveries that can be a great sales driver as they capture the attention of customers.

On the other hand, they can also be displayed when a special offer is about to end, such as a free product or a discount for the next hour, or one for Christmas as such. Showing that it is only a short time before Christmas Day can help people make purchasing decisions more quickly.

Live trends

According to the source, live trending is seen as a great way for you to increase the well-known concept of FOMO or fear of missing something from buyers. For example, if you have an online travel agency offering a package to New York for this end of the year, showing that X number of people are watching a particular holiday or that there are only a few rooms left for a certain location can help encourage shopping. A lot of them sit under the pressure of seeing that what they plan to buy is being considered by another consumer and that there is a limitation.

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On the internet you can find various examples of this type of indicators that work live, particularly in the sites of travel agencies or companies dedicated to this segment, for example, there is the case of Expedia.

In the case of other businesses, such as a retailer, you can imagine that you have a seasonal product, for example, a toy that a father needs to get for his son. In this case, showing the number of products that are left can be a great incentive for people to buy themselves, instead of waiting in case there is a better offer elsewhere (which may be).

There is a possibility that buyers will try to leave the business site, but with this element they will be tempted to return. Exit intent is when a buyer moves the cursor out of the window to close the browser, that’s when the live trend message can be activated.

Promo codes

Every marketer should know that there are advantages and disadvantages of offering too many discounts with a business, so the right balance must be found to provide them.

And one possible downside is that if a variety of discounts and promo codes are offered, seasoned shoppers will notice. With that in mind, they will purposely leave the site to receive that code, which means a cheaper purchase for them, which is not the best result for retailers.

But on the other hand, you also have to consider whether a discount, say 10 percent or free shipping can be a final push for consumers to buy. Discounts are attractive to customers and a great tactic to drive sales in the short term, but they should be used wisely.

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Cart abandonment emails

To get more conversions this season, you should use every last minute to keep buyers coming back once they leave your site empty-handed mobile lead. As the source points out, gift shopping is a big part of these days, but you never know what to give people as gifts. Some popular products may have been out of stock, so people surf the internet for inspiration.

In that sense, it is possible that buyers need to be convinced to return, so these navigators can be recovered with a cart abandonment email.

To make this effort effective and motivate buyers, these subjects can be shown where they left off, how fast delivery can be, the product they were looking at, and even other recommendations.

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