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The role of voice in the future of video marketing

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The role of voice in the future of video marketing

Undoubtedly, this data represents a great opportunity for brands of all sizes, because it indicates the direction in which we must continue to advance in the creation of content to connect with our audience. Despite the fact that more and more businesses have incorporated them into their marketing efforts, in most videos we see a constant: videos set with background music, but without a voice to help narrate them.

Much has been said that now commercial spots are not only made for television, but that the offline and online world are beginning to break their borders and that now we do not think about the channel but about the format and with this the Canada Email Database video evolves to adapt to different media, call them Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or whatever social network comes to mind.

If the above is true, the great leap forward for digital media videos will be to incorporate the voices that have so helped television videos to tell stories and provoke emotions and ideas in viewers.

To date there are few brands that have opted to incorporate professional voice over to their social media videos, because these pieces of content are often consumed without audio. However, thinking of users who prefer the full experience, it is important to note that professional voices are a proven solution to make content more lively, to tell stories in a more engaging way, and to help your storytelling make it happen. audience better understand what they are seeing.

One problem that brands that want to start mobile lead incorporating voice in their videos will probably face is accessibility to voice professionals, in costs, because there is a belief that they are services that only large brands can afford, and in ways to contact them.

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The good news is that there are currently tools that make professional voices available to all brands; among them Spot labs, a Mexican startup that allows the creation of online audios, with a great variety of voices, professions and at a very affordable price.

What follows then with brands is to stop limiting the experience of users when interacting with their videos and make them in a way that is not only to be seen but also to be heard.

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