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Uber wants companies to give travel and food vouchers to their employees from the app

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Uber wants companies to give travel and food vouchers to their employees from the app

In the midst of the contingency, some companies that implemented a home office in order to protect their employees have had the ability to use or partner with other companies to ensure that, when they need to attend the office, they do so in the most appropriate way. safe, for example in private transport to avoid public transport. Others have asked their employees to come in person, but tell them to order food at the office, instead of going out to eat. These new needs have been detected by Uber and channeled to its business.

Now Uber Technologies wants companies to give travel and food vouchers to their employees from the app and for this it is updating its voucher program Canadian Email List to allow companies to buy electronic certificates that they can give to customers and employees to obtain travel and food vouchers.

The company’s Uber for Business unit can also distribute vouchers directly on behalf of a company directly from its dashboard rather than through email or other channels.

In marketing, it allows strategists to offer trips or meals as an added incentive to respond to a call to action (CTA), or to expand the menu of services offered in membership rewards programs to maintain customer loyalty.

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For Uber, the voucher program means a source of extra revenue, as the company recovers from the negative effects of the contingency on transportation services mobile lead. Recall that during the third quarter of the year, there was a 53 percent drop in sharing revenue to $ 1.37 billion compared to the previous year.

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Although its Uber Eats service saw a 125 percent increase to $ 1.45 billion in third-quarter revenue.

In another gamble for revenue, Uber drivers will now have facilities to get their own car. The private travel company allied with Kayak and they established an alliance to offer the driving partners of the transportation platform the power to buy a pee-owned car in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey in installments.

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