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This is the new face mask of My Poor Little Angel that causes a furor in networks

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This is the new face mask of My Poor Little Angel that causes a furor in networks

The World Health Organization has been clear that masks are effective when combined with frequent hand washing with a hydro alcoholic solution or soap and water, an effective protection in the midst of contingency. That is why people already wear them as an everyday garment, giving their personal design or brand touch, such as that of the actor Macaulay Culinary, remembered for his leading role in the film “My Poor Little Angel” and its sequel “My Poor Little Angel 2: Lost in New York ”.

His face mask has a great design that is causing a sensation on social networks and is 100 percent inspired by the character who launched him Nepal Email Address to stardom in the 90 s. It shows the moment when he puts his hands to his face, scared by various issues that happen to him in the movie in which his family goes on Christmas vacation without him.

This image was part of the film’s exhibition poster, in 1990, as well as the rest of the products, it is very popular and characteristic, few people do not know it.

The actor accompanied the great image on his official social networks, with the message “Just keeping myself safe from Covid by using the flayed skin of my younger self. Don’t forget to wear his masks, kids. ”

The possibility of having an equal model to protect yourself exists in e-commerce, it turns out that it is quite popular and there are several models of the subject available on platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, Buck tee and Red Bubble.

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Meanwhile, the actor continues to promote compliance with sanitary measures and as a celebrity he is still active, his fans will be able to see him this year in season 10 of the popular series “American Horror Story.” In addition, Disney Plus plans a reboot of “Home Alone”, although they have not confirmed if the former protagonist will have a place in history, but millions hope so.

In marketing, various companies the size of Amazon, adidas, Nike, Victoria’s Secret or Levi’s have launched their own masks mobile lead. The segment in sales is favored by the consumer.

In addition, in advertising, a study by Ace Metric determined that when the characters were not put on face masks in the ads, the viewers did not penalize the brands, but this does not mean that they are not sensitive to how the masks are represented, since they had an unfavorable view of brands whose ads turned a “deaf ear” on the issue.

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