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Luis Hernandez passes by Digg Face in this hilarious Electrolytic commercial

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Luis Hernandez passes by Digg Face in this hilarious Electrolytic commercial

Doug Face 208, the nickname used by the Tinkertoy Nathan Apocalypse, a Hispanic-American who accumulates millions of likes and views for a viral video, continues to bear fruit and now who takes advantage of its vitality is another TikTok star: Luis Hernandez, known as “L Matador” on the soccer fields.

The footballer generates content that has managed to position himself in the social network of the moment, the Chinese app maintains him Namibia Email Address as one of its celebrity influences in the face of the comic videos he posts and the reproductions, and likes, that he gets, even from international stars.

His fame ed cl came from the hand of his work ed cl in soccer, with an impeccable career that even led him to be part of the Mexican National Team, leaving epic moments for the sport. He is recognized for being the top Mexican scorer in the World Cup and the Cora America. In international clubs I have played for Coca Juniors and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Now he takes jokes from the short video platform, but has also extended them to Twitter and Facebook.

Brands, attentive to the digital conversation, immediately approach the figures that can give them greater exposure, especially at this time, when advertising moves more digitally than ever.

That is why the hydrating drinks firm, Electrolytic, sought him out to star in a hilarious idea that concerns ambush marketing because it takes advantage of the vitality of the challenge of recreating the Doug Face video while traveling on his long board and drinking cranberry juice from the Ocean Spray brand, perform the song “Dreams” by Fleet wood Mac and take the world by storm.

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Now Luis Hernandez stops for Dog Face and Electrolytic for Ocean Spray, “keeping away the bad vibes and dehydration”, in addition to giving himself a tremendous blow during the recording, which is also comical, although he clarifies that “El Matador was not hurt during the recording of this TikTok, he only lost his hair and took a few scrapes ”.

The power of the social media
The footballer was already popular, but now he is much better known by the new generations, before his foray into the social network of the moment, let us remember that TikTok has surpassed Instagram as the second favorite social network application of young people, according to a published report by Piper Candler.

The analysis revealed that 34 percent of young people list the powerful Snap chat as their favorite social application, followed by 29 percent who choose TikTok and moved to third place is now Instagram, with 25 percent mobile lead. The application, owned by Byte Dance, is sweeping the market even with all the obstacles that its dilemmas with President Donald Trump could represent.

The new generations have promoted figures like Dog Face, who has just received a huge payment from Ocean Spray, a truck, but they also reposition already recognized celebrities, as in the case of Luis Hernandez, who is now a figure requested by sports programs also to comment on their area of ​​expertise.

A study by the World Federations of Advertisers revealed that celebrity influences account for 28 percent of annual spending.

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