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Solaris launches controversial campaign on breast cancer

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Solaris launches controversial campaign on breast cancer

Breast cancer awareness is played every year that this month, destined precisely to the cause, but in the midst of the contingency, few companies are concerned about extending a boost; However, Solaris is one of the companies that does not forget this important issue.

Every year 1.38 million cases of breast cancer are detected worldwide and 458 thousand people die, according to the latest figures from the Myanmar Email List World Health Organization (WHO), which is why media attention is so relevant to dedicate a full month to raising awareness of the condition.

This month it is generally painted pink, with images of the firms changing the tone or with special products to make a donation, although this atypical year has not seen enthusiasm for awareness. The airline does carry out an action around the issue and it does so from a radical change in its image.

In its official social networks now an image appears that seems pix elated on purpose and that refers to the subject, managing to attract immediate attention, but facing inappropriate comments from some users of the platforms.

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Solaris controversy
To show the comments on Solaris’ Facebook post, on their profile photo change, where they compare the topic as the Mine craft video game.

The airline concentrates on a valuable strategy for the consumer in one of the worst times for travel, in the face of contingency. Deutsche Bank estimated that Solaris would record roughly $ 35 to $ 40 million per month during the health crisis in Mexico.

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The industry registers figures to the low, loss of 55 percent during this year, approximately 314 billion dollars, which creates a dire outlook that could impact more than 50 percent of the increase in the price of flights.

However, social causes always bring the consumer closer. The social marketing becomes stronger in companies, because it represents a way to promote products and services with lower investment compared to other strategies mobile lead. According to Social Media Examiner, it represents a savings of 50 percent and increases the exposure of the campaign by 89 percent.

In addition to this, contribute. society with the exposure of such an important issue for the women of the world, is essential to be able to face a problem that kills millions of lives every year.

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