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Hyundai to launch cars that “walk”, just like in the movies

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Hyundai to launch cars that “walk”, just like in the movies

New vehicle sales are estimated to have fallen 90 percent at the end of April. The automotive industry is one of the most affected by the contingency. Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai, Volkswagen and other representatives of the segment have had to modify their strategies and endure strong onslaught in numbers.

The industry has to evolve and look for new segments and opportunities, if people are no longer buying cars like they used to. That is why some companies have announced actions that end up surprising the world.

Some are not 100 percent dedicated to making cars, but to innovation, for example the flying cars from Sky Drive Inc. Flying cars have only Mexico Email Address been seen in movies like “Back to the Future”, where they also function as a time machine But movies can sometimes come true.

The Japanese company confirmed the manufacture of the same for 2023. In fact, it was already able to carry out the first tests with a person on board, and apparently the first tests were successful.

Also the cars that “walk” are a reality. In the midst of the contingency, enormous advances have been stopped, but not everything can be stopped, so Hyundai is one of the brands that is resuming its projects for the future and as it had anticipated at the beginning of 2019, the South Korean brand will launch Elevate.

It is one of the first production models for the company, as it has confirmed, capable of moving practically as if it were walking, when the terrain conditions require it.

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The products that appear from this new bet will be aimed at customers who need to move through unconventional terrain, no matter how challenging they may be. They could even help save lives, for example on rescue missions during an earthquake or hurricane.

It is a vehicle that from its conception is capable of “walking” on any terrain, thanks to the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), a technology that is on the line between an electric car and a robot. It will make cars that combine conventional locomotion technologies with wheels and, at the same time, robotics, to transform vehicular mobility as we know it today.

Stein beats Nike among the favorite e-commerce sites of the new generations. Hyundai has just announced: the creation of mobile lead New Horizon Studio, a move with which the company would take the lead in automotive innovation and drive the development of the next step in the automotive industry.

Although this goes further, for example, people who have special mobility needs, such as those in wheelchairs, and do not have access to a ramp, could call the car to their door and rely on their technology to access inside the vehicle without problem.

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