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improve the loyalty strategies : turn your customers into ambassadors!

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improve the loyalty strategies : turn your customers into ambassadors!

Are you looking for new clients? Do you need to increase your source of income? Do you want to generate more demand?

Surely your answer to the three questions is yes, the problem to move from plan to action are resources,  Argentina Email address which limit your field of action and complicate the task of achieving objectives. But there is an effective solution: loyalty strategies .

If you want to know why they are important, what customer satisfaction has to do with them, how many types of loyalty strategies exist and how to apply them to the different purchasing processes that revolve around your business, you just have to keep reading. You are interested!

The importance of loyalty strategies

Getting your customers to buy more and even generating opportunities for cross-selling is possible if you use the right resources to achieve it. You do not have to go looking for consumers outside, but it is enough to do an in-depth analysis of the clients and opportunities that you already have in the company.

The profitability of loyalty strategies

Customer loyalty has a direct impact on financial results, as well as on brand image and prestige . The influence of a satisfied customer can be more decisive than any marketing strategy, since:

  • A loyal customer consumes more. A study conducted on US companies found that 40% of online shopping revenue comes from regular customers, who represent only 8% of ecommerce visitors
  • The satisfied customer shares his positive experience in networks and through word of mouth. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing there is.
  • All your clients can become great clients. After purchasing the first product, a customer has a 27% chance of buying from the same place again. If that customer is able to return and make a second purchase, the probability that they will return increases up to 45% and, in the case of a third purchase, that percentage rises to a 54% probability of making another purchas
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improve the loyalty satisfaction and customer loyalty strategies

Despite being related concepts, there are differences between loyalty and customer satisfaction . mobilelead The most important are the following:

Loyal customers write positive public reviews, pass the information on to friends and family, and return to our store to buy the same products, try new ones, and spend more.

But to achieve that a satisfied customer can be considered a loyal customer, it is necessary to apply loyalty strategies . Without them, the business can accumulate satisfied customers, but without the assurance that they will return …

Although loyalty is one of the fruits of customer satisfaction, it does not arise if other factors are not present as well . Because a satisfied customer is a battle won, not a permanent victory.

The long-term goal is customer loyalty . That is what we want for our business: customers who spend more with the company throughout their lives, consumers who recommend us to their family and friends … People who stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

Are loyal customers your end goal?

How to improve the loyalty strategies levels of your customers

Taking care of loyal customers allows us to enjoy great benefits. There are many ways to achieve customer loyalty, although there are 4 aspects that should always be taken into account . These are the following:

Exceed expectations . The satisfaction of a customer is built based on their expectations. This is the most subjective part of the loyalty process and where you need to put more effort. However, although, on the consumer side, subjectivity is the predominant note in this regard, the business must use all the tools at its disposal to try to extract the greatest knowledge of its objective. Analytical and data collection solutions will allow you to know habits, customs, preferences, tastes and emotions of each client, to act accordingly, delivering a unique, personalized, surprising experience that makes a very good impression on them.

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