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This Mexican brand worries transnationals for its Day of the Dead design

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This Mexican brand worries transnationals for its Day of the Dead design

The Day of the Dead is the favorite tradition of Mexicans, 56 percent celebrate it and the world recognizes it as one of the most peculiar customs. Brands have taken advantage of the holiday in recent years and this 2020, there are at least three tennis firms with collections inspired by him, Nike, Vans and Panama.

Panama arrives to show that not only transnationals can have designs that take advantage of Mexican festivities and traditions and launches its special edition, but also supported by figures. The Mexican brands shine amid the contingency conscious Mexico Email Lists consumer that encourage the purchase of domestic products benefits the economy of the country and in the midst of the health crisis, to support fellow countrymen is key.

That is why the multinationals are concerned about competition in exactly the same segment and product. 52.2 percent of Mexicans, who consider that Mexican brands have greater opportunities before their eyes simply because they are nationals, according to the Study of Mexican Brands, prepared by the Informant Research Department.

And if to this is added a special edition with a tradition so deeply rooted in Mexico, they are probably in dilemmas. Panama gets festive with the creation of the Canaveral model.

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It is a model on the classic 084, with an urban touch and distinctive colors of the Day of the Dead such as black, orange and yellow. In addition, they add a touch of the traditional offering, an icon of the country’s popular culture. It will be available from October 16 in your online store as well as in physical stores.

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Day of the Dead Competition
Meanwhile, Nike launched its special edition of tennis inspired by the date, which includes four of the iconic silhouettes: Nike Air Jordan 1, Air Max 90, D break and Blazer Mid ’77, with elements of the offerings such as confetti, the color and flowers that usually adorn the altars.

The Air Jordan 1, for example, appeals in a reserved way to the traditional combination of the purple color of the velvet flowers that are sold at the time and the orange color of the marigold flower. The Air Max 90 incorporates the elements mobile lead throughout its silhouette. The Blaze Mid 77 is the sneaker of this line with a discreet marigold flower. In Mexico it can be obtained from October 15.

Finally, Vans launched the first edition of this collection with a pair of tennis shoes and an accessory during 2019, at that time they presented two tennis models and the clothing pack was introduced. But given the profitability of the idea, this year the collection consists of three models of tennis shoes and clothing that, for the first time, will be available in Vans stores and certain distributors in the United States, in addition to Mexico, where it was sold exclusively.

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