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Shen beats Nike among the favorite e-commerce sites of the new generations

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Shen beats Nike among the favorite e-commerce sites of the new generations

The opportunity during 2021 is 2.14 billion buyers in e-commerce in the world. At this time, the consumer has decided to trust electronic commerce. Shen, Amazon and Nike are the most benefited. An analysis by Lino and the research firm Kan tar, revealed that during the fourth week of confinement, the proportion of consumers who used electronic commerce increased by 387 percent compared to the same period of 2019, in Latin America.

According to figures from Statistic, the Mexican market will raise 10 billion dollars during 2020, calculating a growth of 12.1 percent, which could be more given the contingency.

However, brands do not capture consumers to the same extent, some do it better than others. To be part of those who get it Netherlands Email List. You can continue to take into account the article “Marketing: The 9 fundamentals for your website to fall in love and to be able to sell”. Although it seems that Nike has not detected its opportunities and this led to Shen eventually beating its website.

Piper Candler’s Generation Z Study report, a barometer of younger consumer behavior, has closely followed the ways in which contingency and other 2020 factors have impacted shopping habits and brand preferences on their sites. Web.

The generation is key because its dominance over the millennial is getting closer and closer. The study found that teens spend more time shopping online compared to other channels, and their total spending hit a record low of $ 2,150.

Furthermore, it managed to determine which brands are doing well in e-commerce and Shen is one of them, placing second among the favorites.

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It also topped the list of brands teens said they are “starting to use.” The brand has a web portal that sells accessible clothing and makes it available to any home in the countries where it has a presence. Its easy sales process is what prompted it at a time when electronic commerce in Mexico was not as daily as it is today in the face of contingency.

Part of its success is that it adds 500 new products to its website every day, in addition to the fact that its payments can be made in convenience stores, for example, in Mexico they can be made from OXXO and although the order takes, apparently it does not it has so many flaws compared to other portals.

Shen vs Nike
Amazon is the preferred site, with more than half of teens entering its ranks to shop. But it stands out that Shen surpassed mobile lead Nike for the first time, which is now in the third rung, which is a clear sign that although they beat it, it continues to have a very good strategy, as it is also the preferred clothing brand on the web, again.

Sports brands continued to dominate preferences, as in addition to Nike, Lulu lemon moved to the sixth position out of the 7 it occupied last fall. adidas remained at number three, behind American Eagle, followed by Paunch.

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