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Sony executive shows how confusing it is to use the new PS5

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Sony executive shows how confusing it is to use the new PS5

The furor in the video game industry is especially driven by confinement, with millions of people at home wanting to entertain themselves, gamer spent 10 billion dollars during March alone, 11 percent more compared to the same month in 2019, as reported by Nielsen’s Super Data. For dates like Black Friday there were even people camping out to buy a PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Especially the PS5 is a popular console, renewed, with a design never before seen in the ranks of Sony, especially because of its size, although China Email Database in fact it is because of these characteristics that its appearance has sparked conversations about how it should be accommodated, if in position. vertical or horizontal.

In fact, it is necessary to adjust a base, which in turn causes confusion about the direction in which discs should be inserted and users have expressed how confusing it is, but beyond that, they have also gone against a Sony executive, because in his attempt to show how great the PS5 and his cat is, he made a serious mistake that they will not forgive him.

Internet users qualify as unacceptable that a Sony executive does not know how to put the console, since in its horizontal position I place it upside down. Hermes Hurst, leader of PlayStation Studios, is the one who has put Sony and the PS5 itself in check, by sharing a video on Twitter, where you can see his cat scratching the screen while he was logged into the game Augsburg.

As the Internet users are not missing anything, they detected the detail that the PlayStation 5 appeared in a horizontal position, but with the disk drive on the upper side, when the correct thing is that it is on the bottom.

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The executive deleted the tweet and uploaded the same clip, but trimmed to leave the console out, but it was too late, there was already grenade evidence mobile lead in this regard and comments arose that at least Sony should know this, otherwise it seems that executives are disconnected from the product they offer.

How do you sell something that you don’t use or worse, that you don’t know how it works? This is a lesson for all brands, not only for Sony, but above all for leaders, as opinions predominate in the comments that the head of PlayStation Studios should know how it works.

And the reaction is also very important, because there were those who thought that the correct thing was for them to recognize the error and not delete the video, but simply to respond to it and detect a clear area of ​​opportunity for their product, although it must be said, the PlayStation 5 is so far the most successful console launch in Sony’s history, with sales in the millions since November 12.

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