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Top 10 most read notes: Adidas is all the rage with Gremlins’ Gizmo sneakers

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Top 10 most read notes: Adidas is all the rage with Gremlins’ Gizmo sneakers

We invite you to take a few minutes to read the most relevant articles of the week on marketing, advertising and media matters.

We invite you to spend a few minutes to read the notes most relevant issues of the week on marketing, advertising and media. These are topics that all marketers must master to start a new week with key insights into the pulse of the industry, where firms such as Adidas, which captured attention with their new Gremlins shoes.

Adidas is all the rage with these Gremlins sneakers focused on Gizmo and nostalgia
The new edition of adidas with the movie, mixes monsters with Christmas, in an edition of the Stan Smith from adidas Originals Croatia Email Address. It is inspired by the classic 1984 movie “Gremlins”, with a top covered in faux fur in the brown and cream colors found in the characters when they are in their cute versions.

Banks must pay unrecognized charges to their account holders by Law
Finally, the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) approved that when the holder of a bank account denounces unauthorized withdrawals from his debit card, banks must reimburse the amounts withdrawn.

Gandhi reflects what 2020 was like in an extreme spectacular announcement
Libraries Gandhi has found infallible allies in advertising and marketing that have accustomed consumers to seeing executions that even went viral. In their latest idea, from the hand of the Monumental agency, they launched new spectacular in the Mexican streets that perfectly describe 2020.

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How to keep in touch with your coworkers while working remotely
“It’s not cold, that’s how you have it” This outdoor campaign is going viral on social networks
The most recent case that we have seen in this regard has occurred with an outdoor campaign that has been vitalized on social networks. The piece shows a huge statement that reads: It’s not cold, that’s how you have it! Creative copy that has unleashed the vitality of the ad within platforms such as Twitter.

Sterne to hire Best Buy employees: Salinas Pliers takes over the conversation again
They invited Best Buy employees to send their resume to a specific email with a copy to a Best Buy representative “to begin finding a fair and competitive agreement that helps make them part of the Sterne family.”

Home office in Mexico: By law, companies must pay for the internet and respect working hours
The recent reform endorsed by the Chamber of Deputies becomes relevant, which indicates that employers must assume the costs derived from the home office, where those related to the hiring of an internet service as well as the cost of electricity are considered.

A Tinkertoy gets Canal Once into trouble on social media
Channel Once has started the third to last week of December with the left foot, after one of its conductors caused controversy by promoting pro-abortion mobile lead content, through its TikTok account. Stefan Velez is the protagonist of the controversy, after spreading a video in which she recommends, with information from an international organization, how to perform an abortion at home.

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Adidas launches porcelain tennis shoes that can be used as vases
Adidas has launched into the extreme design market and has taken on the task of offering a pair of ceramic sneakers, which may well end up being used as expensive flower vases. The porcelain tennis shoes are the result of the collaboration between the German firm and the manufacturer Messenger, to achieve a design that has no comparison.

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