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Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft: the three arch rivals come together for this reason

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Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft: the three arch rivals come together for this reason

Nintendo is obvious, their PlayStation, Xbox and Wii consoles compete for the powerful video game market that is currently booming, gamer spent 10 billion dollars during March alone, 11 percent more compared to the same month in 2019, as reported by Nielsen’s Super Data.

Each one makes millionaire profits and a huge part of the segment of consoles and video games, they are arch rivals, but also part of a group China Email Address that controls the entire market and therefore establishes the guidelines to follow.

This time around, they come together to form a shared set of security rules on how they will moderate and monitor their online platforms, all in agreement.

“Protecting gamer online requires a multidisciplinary approach, one that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a supportive community and trained human supervision,” they said in a statement published simultaneously by the three companies.

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The impulse behind are video games like Fortnight, Rocket Lisa or Apex Legends whose power is undeniable and that are offering cross play between different platforms, allowing players to play together regardless of the hardware they are using, so the arch rivals come together because the This feature could cause problems if the rules for each platform are applied differently.

Now there are principles that should help every console manufacturer follow similar approaches to keep gamer safe.

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They are divided into three main categories: prevention, association and responsibility. Prevention covers allow players to customize their privacy mobile lead controls, to promote the existence of these options and make them easy to use.

Meanwhile, the association, meanwhile, includes commitments to cooperate with other organizations and rating agencies on security initiatives. Lastly, accountability includes a commitment to be transparent about the rules and make it easy for players to report when people break the rules.

“This partnership signifies our commitment to work together to improve player safety and ensure that games remain truly for everyone,” read the statement between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

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