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Soft drinks, ice creams and vegetables! Those with the most colorings, Profeco alert

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Soft drinks, ice creams and vegetables! Those with the most colorings, Profeco alert

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Proffer) is not only in charge of resolving complaints against service providers, but it also promotes the eating of healthy foods, especially in the context of eradicating obesity and diabetes, diseases that kill millions of Mexicans.

Companies are already afraid that they appear on their list of companies that violate the rules or falsify information, but it would be enough if they comply with the guidelines and seek the good of their consumers. Meanwhile, the instance launches a warning about the risk of consuming food with artificial colors.

He points out that “the more industrialized the products, the more chemicals they contain” and recommended that the population ingest those Kazakhstan Email Address of natural origin, such as Cur-cumin (E-100) or Chlorophyll (E-140, E-141), but also determined what soft drinks, ice cream and vegetables! they are the ones that contain the most colorants.

According to an article in the Consumer Magazine, published in its number 524 in October, this type of ingredient causes hyperactivity due to its constant intake, mild to severe allergies, asthma, among other reactions; It was even blunt to indicate that some of them should not be for human consumption.

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Attention with these colors! Says Proffer
In Mexico, the body in charge of regulating its use is the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Comprise) and Proffer reported that the main artificial colors that can be found are:

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Orange yellow S, (E-110): in orange soft drinks, ice creams, candies or desserts; It has other names such as Twilight Yellow, Yellow Orange S, Yellow Orange RGL, Yellow 6 or Acid Yellow 17.

Quinine Yellow (E-104): added to citrus flavored soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, canned vegetables, meat, cakes and ice cream. It is also known as: Quinine, Quinoa, Acid Yellow 3 or Food Yellow 13.

Rubinstein or Carmine (E-122): used to achieve the “raspberry” color in candies, ice creams and desserts. Other names: Carmine, Fred or Red Color 5.

Patent Blue V (E-131): to achieve green tonalities in food, it is generally added to canned vegetables, jams, pastries, candies and beverages. Other names: Patented Blue 5.

Erythromycin (E-127): in strawberry-flavored foods, such as dairy products, jams, jellies, and candies. Also in meat derivatives, tuna or salmon pats mobile lead. Other names: Acid Red 51, Red 3 or Red 14.

Indigo tine (E-132): also known as “indigo carmine”, it is used in beverages, purple candies, confectionery and bluish ice creams. In the same way it is known as: Indigo tin, Indigo Carmine or Lacquer Blue 2.

Brilliant Black BN (E-151) – Used almost exclusively for coloring licorice, candies, and sauces. It is also called: Black PN or Black 1.

Thorazine or Thorazine (E-102): in pastry products, biscuit manufacturing, meat derivatives, prepared soups, canned vegetables, ice cream and candies, and for refreshing beverages that give it a “lemon” color. Other names: Thorazine, Yellow 5 FD&C, Acid Yellow 23 or Food Yellow 4.

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