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Does Sabras give away tickets in their bags? This they say in networks

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Does Sabras give away tickets in their bags? This they say in networks

In the midst of economic uncertainty and in the face of job losses or low salaries, receiving “cold” money from brands is a smart strategy. In the case of Sabras, it was a movement that is making them shine on social media.

In Mexico, the Sabras company is giving away money in its potato bags and other brands that belong to the company. Consumers are reporting on social media that they find 20 Mexican peso bills or a code to scan electronic money that can be used with a virtual wallet Kenya Email List. Although some winners may find 5 pesos and Sabras customers are celebrating receiving their lampooned tickets.

Internet users report that the presentation of the 20 peso bill, arrives folded in a small bag that indicates that it is a “sanitized bill”.

The life of cyborgs: the sounds of the networks
All the reports are true, it is about the “Sabre Lana” promotion, the most promotional campaign of the snacks in which corner shops, mini super, miscellaneous or supermarkets participate in the purchase of any of the snacks marked with the strip of the Sabre Lana 2020 promotion: Sabras, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, Inheritances, Parakeet, Frito, etc.

The validity of the promotion is from September 5 to November 6, 2020. The strips with code are cumulative and the strips valid for Free product must be exchanged at corner and miscellaneous stores or at the delivery truck.

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It stands out that when the customer finds a strip with a code, it must be registered in the app to obtain the amount and the electronic one can be used in the application to redeem prizes such as movie tickets, airtime, but above all, in the payment of services such as electricity and even internet.

The effectiveness of the promotions is indisputable. Promotions in Mexico received an investment of 4 billion pesos in 2019. 92.2 percent of Mexicans bought as a result of a promotion.

Sabras with its promotion of banknotes has done more to distribute the wealth that everything is a Mexican leftist movement.

The challenge facing Sabras
Despite the success of the promotion, it is also true that it faces a huge challenge, as the new labeling has given much to talk about, especially when it comes to this type of product.

The General Health Law on labeling, as part of NOM-051-SCF / SSA1-2010, indicates that brands must warn about the nutritional content they contain. Some companies try to protect themselves, others already handle the new labeling at the points of sale.

Meanwhile, Proffer revealed that food and beverages that contain at least one seal of the new label may not be sold in schools: “If the product has any seal, it cannot be sold in schools or advertised to minors. In fact, it may not contain advertising strategies mobile lead that attract the attention of girls and boys, such as the use of characters, ”reads the document sent by the agency.

The brand is one of those that at least has a seal, so your business could be greatly affected by this measure.

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Pepsi co is the leader in the sale of snacks in Mexico with 30.7 percent market share, leaving Group Bimbo in second place with 17.6 percent and Melendez with 9.4 percent, according to Euro monitor.

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