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Viviparous in crisis: confirms that they lost the kitten Honey, she escaped at the airport

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Viviparous in crisis: confirms that they lost the kitten Honey, she escaped at the airport

When you pay for a service, you hope that the company does not end up affecting your loved ones; however, in the case of Viviparous and La Galatia Mill, this is not the case. The owner of the pet paid for a ticket to allow her to take the pet with her in the cabin, but when trying to cash it, the staff refused, so she had to allow it to be sent to the area designated for transporting animals. of the aircraft.

Although the client had paid for a certain service, she decided to adjust to what the company told her, but apparently she had to hold on to her ticket, as the company ended up losing her kitten.

In social networks, the topic has been shared especially among those who know the value of a pet for families and after the weekend, the owners Jordan Email Database of the pet made public their complaint against Viva Aerobics, the company entered a crisis branded.

However, his response has not been of the level expected, because although the owners blame the airline directly, it blames the kitten Mill for having left a cage closed by humans, at least that is what he issued in a position that he did reach the media and that is the same one that he published on his social networks.

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In the statement issued by Viviparous, the airline regrets what happened and reports that it escaped at the Guadalajara airport. to continue with the search for the pet and requested the support of anyone who has information that helps to locate the kitten ‘Honey’.

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After the response from Viviparous and its statement, users continued to question the airline because it does not claim to repair its error, which in reality it does not accept, so they emphasize that it was a total irresponsibility of the workers and demand that the kitten.

The owners of the pet say that in reality the only thing they told them was that they are focused on finding the cat: “This is the only thing I know mobile lead about the follow-up to the loss of my kitten, I just want to make noise so that they can find her as much as possible. as quickly as possible since she is only used to being at home, this was her first time traveling ”.

Pets are more than companion animals for more and more people, who consider them members of the family. In Mexico alone, 8 out of 10 citizens have a pet, where 65 percent consider it part of their family, according to the Strategic Communication Cabinet (GCE).

The company should remember that customer service is essential. Impact Report by Harris Interactive revealed that 86 percent of customers leave a company because of poor customer service. A well-resolved brand crisis does not have the same negative impact as one that tries to reduce complaints.

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