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Site of the Day: A Podcast on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

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Site of the Day: A Podcast on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

The remarkable growth of platforms like Spottily, Apple, A cast, Convoy, and the like reflects one thing. The podcast has truly become a phenomenon of content among all users. In more and more countries and markets, these audio episodes are much more popular with consumers. And it is easy to see why. Customer Service Not only are they much more flexible than video in their interaction with the audience. In addition, they can cover a myriad of topics.

These advantages have not gone unnoticed by the brands. From Mercado Libra to the Element agency, through the Com score firm and the Saudi Arabia Email Database fin tech Flint have launched a podcast with which they can interact with the audience. And of course, take your brand and services much further thanks to a precise marketing strategy. For the public, of course, these types of initiatives can also represent a learning opportunity with experts.

A new podcast on sales, marketing and customer service
Just along the same lines, Hub spot presented an audio project. This is the Skill Up program, a podcast with which the firm seeks to interact with entrepreneurs. Specifically, the idea of ​​this project is to help them develop crucial skills to grow their business. Among them, how to create great marketing strategies, techniques to increase the level of your sales, and systems with which to reinforce the attention that customers receive.

The program, in its Spanish version, will be hosted by Ana Sordid, Marketing Team Manager at Hub spot. During the first season of the podcast, the specialist is expected to delve especially into topics such as entrepreneurship and technology mobile lead. This, because throughout her professional career of her, the marketing expert specialized in the creation and distribution of content. Resources that, in turn, have helped various companies grow and prosper.

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Several episodes of the podcast are already available on Spottily and Apple. They are all short, no more than 15 minutes, allowing for a quick and easy learning and interaction experience. Among the topics that have already been addressed, is the definition of new concepts, such as sales ennoblement, as well as the advantages of the processes for qualifying leads. So, it is promised that this project will be very useful to all experts in the audience who will listen to it.

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