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Is the CEO of Your Company Your Worst Enemy?: Lessons for Managers From Salinas Pliers

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Is the CEO of Your Company Your Worst Enemy?: Lessons for Managers From Salinas Pliers

The case of Ricardo Salinas Pliers results in valuable lessons for the CEOs of all companies, backed by figures and experts. Ricardo Salinas Pliers once again jeopardizes Group Salinas’ brand reputation and everything related to the company. In all this, several lessons emerge for the CEOs of all companies, backed by figures and experts.

The last move of the businessman was to deny a job opportunity to a Twitter user. “Give me a job at TV Aztecs, Mr. Salinas,” wrote the tweeter. “No, then they will say that I exploit him, I do not pay him and I do not give him legal benefits Saudi Arabia Email List. Better this way without work ”, I have ionized.

He added to his position as a topic on Twitter saying “ignorant” to those who want the State to take charge of pensions and in a text called “Your Pension Is Not Free” stated that workers should be the ones who pay their own pensions. Finally, I have finished off his appearance of him in the trends by responding to a client of his Electra stores, who shared: “Good morning, I’m going to pay Electra my one-time subscription so that you can buy another yacht”; “Thank you,” he replied.

Positive CEO reputation = attraction
But beyond the controversy, the CEO leaves an important lesson to companies about the role that their representative plays before consumers, he can be the best friend or the worst enemy of a company.

Data from Weber Sandwich Mexico reveal that the image of a company is intrinsically linked to the reputation of its CEO. The CEO’s positive reputation increases investor attraction (88 percent), crisis protection (91 percent), and talent attraction and retention (81 percent and 79 percent respectively).

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Elton musk
Just as the words and positions expressed in social networks have serious implications for the human resources department when a professional applies, it also happens in the case of company managers.

A clear example of this, that the reputation of a CEO can alienate investors, is Eldon Musk. Robyn Holden said they would replace Musk as CEO of Tesla, after the billionaire had to announce that he would resign as CEO as part of a deal with US regulators, because he posted a tweet saying he was considering going back. make the firm private.

Finally, that chapter in his personal history of him has been left behind, but he learned an unforgettable lesson, that sometimes cases like Salinas Pliers end up reminding the world’s executives and firms, it is worth learning.

Another example is Susan Wickerwork, CEO of YouTube, who had to apologize to the LGBTQ community after a widespread reaction to the recent political decisions of the firm itself regarding the conservative channel Steven Crowded.

Talent attraction and retention

Ricardo Salinas Pliers
Once understood that investments can move away from the company, also of course that another of the points indicated by the consultancy, that of attraction and retention of talent (81 percent and 79 percent) is reflected in the fact that Mexicans will try to stay away from a company that will not seek for their future, why work for someone else’s yacht if I can do it for mine?

But this goes even further, Electra is living a nightmare because it is now one of the most hated firms in the country among so many controversies mobile lead. It is part of the companies with the worst perception from the perspective of Mexicans. An analysis by QR Planning Quaint revealed that the companies that are perceived as least supportive by Mexicans are Electra, CAFE, Bacon Aztecs, Copper and TV Aztecs.

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Knowing the precarious working conditions that the company’s own representative has revealed, only the professionals most in need of employment will go to their ranks, and these are not always the most talented. A manager must remember that his team must be protected and happy because that will motivate him to give his best from him and will have a strong impact on the company.

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