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Vicente Fox Makes an Impact With his Appearance on Mexican Billboards Selling Marijuana

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Vicente Fox Makes an Impact With his Appearance on Mexican Billboards Selling Marijuana

The streets of Monterrey, Venue Len, have a new image captured in billboards, the face of Vicente Fox Vazquez, Selling Marijuana former president of Mexico, who previously appeared as the protagonist of political propaganda in OOH, but who now advertises marijuana.

This afternoon, on social networks the image of the character has been vitalized in spectacular advertisements that promote the Saudi Arabia Email Address consumption of cannabis products. Fox himself has shared it from his official social networks of him. According to the  page, there are branches in Monterrey, Quintilian Rio and Rarity, where the ads were placed.

During 2018, the producer and marketer of medicinal cannabis, Ironwork Life Sciences Corp, appointed Fox as its advisor and ambassador, to act as a boost to Iron’s educational and leadership interests in Latin America, but now it is fully in the business.

The company is Paradise, of which he is an investment partner. “Health, fun and well-being”, appears in the slogan of Paradise, next to the number and page of the brand, which has CBD and Hemp (hemp) medicinal products on the market, with pipes and flavorings for the aspiration of the marijuana.

Multinationals trust that Mexico’s tax reform will encourage economic activity

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Last September it was reported that the former president partnered with Paradise, who made the agreement with Vicente Fox for a three-year term with some 400 stores.

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During the first cannabis convention, which was held at the Ala Planetarium and promoted by Paradise, on February 26, Vicente Fox Quesadilla participated as a stellar speaker.

Fernando Diaz, project director of the firm, told the national newspaper El Universal that the former Mexican president has established a dialogue with the company through one of its foundations.

“We have worked together with the Fox Center in a great strategy for the development of stores specialized in legal cannabis products, to put our stores in the main tourist places of the country,” he explained.

At the end of 2018, the Federal Commission for mobile lead the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COMPRISE) issued approximately 60 permits to produce food, beverages, cosmetic and pharmaceutical food supplements from cannabis.

Worldwide, the legal marijuana market could be worth around $ 146 billion by 2025, according to the Grand View Research report. In terms of consumption, in Latin America, Brazil leads consumption, but it is followed closely by Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

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