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Opportunities B2B Marketers Should Take Advantage of in 2021

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Opportunities B2B Marketers Should Take Advantage of in 2021

Several analysts highlight that in addition to being full of challenges, the B2B marketing landscape has been setting the stage for the arrival of more than necessary improvements. These improvements can be understood as opportunities that companies in the segment have and that ideally they should take advantage of if they want to improve their efforts. Below we will look at the particular opportunities that exist and for which you can start planning.

According to Marketing Profs, these are the 3 opportunities that B2B marketers need to explore over the next year:

1. The line between B2B and B2C has vanished, you have to connect the dots with data

According to the source, professionals who have already spent part of the last few months in a new work-from-home situation can highlight that the combination Iraq Email List of personal and professional spaces has significant implications in the way they structure their days, environments and even your fundamental daily mindsets. .

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This dramatic change has vast implications for consumer travel in both the B2B and B2C segments, particularly in how marketers intend to make it the data of the audience.

According to the source, it is necessary to stop communicating with “consumers” or business professionals and understand that we are communicating with humans, complex individuals with equally complex schedules and changes in their mentality. Insights must be applied at the human level to understand those complexities and identify the times when these individuals are emotionally ready to hear about brands.

2. The fusion of the worlds should be embraced in predictive marketing

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Regarding this second chance, it is important that marketers are aware that we now live and work in a productive world. Leading brands are using data to make better decisions about the communication and service they have with their customers.

This is the essence of predictive marketing, a move that has become even more vital in today’s tense economic environment, where marketers are tasked with finding new efficiencies within their media plans.

Data is no longer just an asset, it is something alive and kinetic from which knowledge can be derived in real time and acted upon. However, the only way to do it effectively to truly optimize experiences is to combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

According to the source, the best predictive marketing succeeds in placing the personal understanding of each individual at the center of a company’s media planning and buying.

3. The mobile section must be treated as the fundamental platform that it is

Finally, the context in which B2B and B2C brands communicate with prospects and customers is now a mixed reality in which any time for a member of the target audience can include a video conference with a client, a clothes folding session and a break to prepare a snack for a child. This reality requires a new approach to data-driven marketing.

Today, a B2C brand needs to supplement its knowledge of customers according to their personal lives, while B2B brands need to extend their knowledge of customers through their personal details and preferences. Regarding this, the source indicates that for marketers in both sections, this means that they must figure out how to find and manage new mobile lead attributes within their CRM. On the B2B side, this involves a fundamental reorganization of data, including rethinking the importance of previously coveted information, such as direct dialing of a person at work.

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In this age, telephones are the definitive identifier to bridge the registration gaps between a person’s personal and professional profiles. The telephone is not just a way to make a direct call, it is a fundamental platform to connect through different channels at any time of the day.

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