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Strategies to personalize your social media marketing campaigns

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Strategies to personalize your social media marketing campaigns

Professionalization is an element that within social media marketing can have a highly positive impact for brands and companies, did you know that, according to Instantiate, for this year 51 percent of consumers expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before contacting them? Due to elements like this and the qualities that social media platforms have, professionalization is increasingly important when looking for better results. On this occasion, specifically thinking about these channels and campaigns, we will see some actions to follow to take advantage of rationalization.

According to Social Eliminator, these are some strategy options that brands can follow in order to personalize their social media marketing campaigns:

Audience analysis

As a starting point, the source explains that any marketing campaign designed to generate a good return on investment, should take the first step to develop an analysis of the audience, in this case, rationalization should also start with this task Ireland Email List. You cannot personalize and individualize the content you share if you do not understand who it is being shared with.

So, you have to learn about the audience. Consider using existing customer persona profiles and analyze how they fit in with social media followers on different platforms.

Re targeted advertising

As you know, re targeting is the practice of showing ads to people who have already visited the website of the brand or company. When they visit the website, a cookie is placed on their browser and this is then used to serve ads to people on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Disoriented ads produce high ROI for a number of reasons. For example, first of all, these ads are shown to people who are already aware of the existence of the brand. They are known to have already visited the website.

Speaking of professionalization, these ads are perfect for this. According to the source, since the ads are shown to people with whom you already have data, you can work on various settings, for example, if they recently bought a product from the firm, you can show them related products or accessories in those who might be interested.

It must be taken into account that re targeting is only carried out through paid advertising systems, but it plays an important role in any effort to improve the professionalization of social media marketing campaigns.

Custom Videos

According to the source, personalized video content is considered a recent trend in social networks, however, it is estimated that it will play a crucial role in the professionalization of social media marketing campaigns. Tools like Idiom and Vineyard already have customization features within video content.

For example, the second mentioned allows you to enter specific data about customers in the videos, such as name, company name, email, URLs, phone numbers, and LinkedIn images.

For its part, Idiom allows you to walk data and videos to provide experiences that are intended to create a higher and measurable return on investment.

For marketers using networks, this type of technology could be a godsend and help them get their proposals seen more often.

User generated content

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Finally, user-generated content is perfect for social media professionalization campaigns. However, it is an option that is frequently overlooked. According to the source, this unsuspecting guy encourages more sharing and participation on social media.

This option is a great way to increase customer engagement and reinforce the amount of social proof that is shared on business profiles.

While this option may be more manual, it has the advantage that it helps develop a more lasting connection with people and broadens the scope of the content.

Personalized content

According to the Social Media Examiner, personalized content is something to plan and create in advance for as it requires considerably robust research mobile lead. For example, multiple versions of a promotional update can be created to suit various types of audiences.

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that in this case the professionalization not only goes for the different consent, but also for the different social media channels of the brand. Therefore, it is advisable to create a list of different people to whom the materials will be directed.

On the other hand, brands that use this strategy must consider that there are different types of content that can be customized, for example, there are the aforementioned videos and advertisements, but there are also surveys and quizzes.

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