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Marti has internet users fascinated by this unusual Santa Claus

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Marti has internet users fascinated by this unusual Santa Claus

It was in the middle of the year, at the peak of the pandemic in Mexico that Marta surprised with his digital strategy that ended up giving them an online sales boom that reached up to 500 percent.

“The growth started in March with 170 percent. But in April the curve became exponential and we reached almost 500 percent in some categories Iran Email List. In others, with less impact, we experienced increases of 350 percent ”, explained Abner Martinez to Expansion.

Although the company had to close at least its 170 stores temporarily due to the contingency, investment in communication, marketing and advertising campaigns sustained much of the business and this Christmas, when companies are focused even more on making their brands shine, it seems that it still works.

Now Group Marty, considered one of the largest sports chains in the country, is shining on social networks for an unexpected proposal from Santa Claus.

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From their official Facebook profile they put Santa Claus unusually sexy. The character forms an adventure content that demonstrates his excellent physical form when trying to bring gifts to a child in his house, but facing enormous challenges between rockets and lasers.

Skillfully circumvents obstacles, excites and delivers a central message intimately related to the brand’s business, saying that “sport is the best gift you can give”.

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Apple Music in check for this simple Spottily move. Copped will give money to its most loyal customers for this reason. In the likes and comments you can see that the campaign has had a strong effect, for example when they place that they expect more content mobile lead about it or praise the graphics and video design: “I hope to see the series one day of this saint because oh god the animation is very good and the Santa looks great “or” that Santa Claus does seem more realistic, the fat man has no logic about him because he enters a fireplace but a thin one who does parkour and exercise if he enters through the chimneys, good guy ” .

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Although there are also those who indicate that the character of the chubby Santa Claus should be standard and I cannot modify it to a hipster Santa Claus: “Very good animation !! But … I am not very clear why they wanted to kill Santa, I say that missiles were not cookies “or” That moment when Santa became a hipster and started drinking chain tea. ” In the end, the campaign has managed to stand out among a huge bet from other companies for Christmas.

It is worth mentioning that Group Marta was founded by Domingo Marta Rivera and his son Domingo Marta FORTRAN in 1936 with the opening of their first store in the center of Mexico City.

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