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New BBVA flaw is reported: app, cards and branches

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New BBVA flaw is reported: app, cards and branches

Users of the BBVA Mexico bank report failures in digital services, the mobile application, as well as transfers and payments with bank cards this Friday afternoon and the trends are already turning against the issue.

The topic quickly became a trend on social networks under the theme Ban comer, the old name of BBVA, a trend on Twitter. Several consumers started sharing memes and comments regarding the system’s failures. Some took the problem as a joke, laughing at the reputation of the institution. For others, the incident is clearly much more Ghana Email Address than a simple annoyance, as they depend on their functions to carry out operations and payments.

According to reports on social networks, the mobile application would not allow access to its applications and the bank’s response is: “Sorry, the BBVA service is temporarily inactive. Please try again later ”.

Meanwhile, it is not the only problem they have but they insist that they are taking care of this: “Hello Cynthia, good afternoon. Araceli attends you, nice to meet you. We are working on the situation presented by our application so that you can carry out your operations as soon as possible. We invite you to try to access it during the day ”.

The App Store needs more games

And the thing is that users of BBVA bank cards point out that they cannot use them either, and this exacerbates the problem mobile lead. In addition to this, the system in bank branches does not work either, so there would be no way to meet the needs of BBVA users.

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One of the most used and useful apps is that of BBVA, but the Mexican user does not usually know all the functions of it, now they will have to access the app to a greater extent, which in the end should pay off in greater security. The app registered a total of 124 million users in the first quarter of the year.

The volume of electronic transfers made by BBVA users went from 33 million to 35 million in April of this year.

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