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Librettos Gandhi launches original podcast that is causing a sensation

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Librettos Gandhi launches original podcast that is causing a sensation

Gandhi bookstores in trend. The libraries have had reduced readership in Mexico, with 41.1 percent of the literate population in the country read at the least one book in the last 12 months, down from 45.9 percent in 2016 by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

Only 4 out of 10 adults in the country read, among them 3.4 books are consumed per year, slightly above the 3.3 recorded in 2019. Regarding physical books, 83 percent choose them over the 12.3 who prefer to read in digital format and 4.7 percent who use both Grenada Email Address, but this seems like good news for bookstores and it is not, given the contingency and fewer people packed their physical outlets.

But at Librettos Gandhi they explore a new medium to reach audiences and it is one that has had an overwhelming success: podcasts. They attract millions of listeners to streaming platforms, for example on Spottily, which at the beginning of the year hosted more than 700 thousand podcasts and continues to increase its content to exceed the figure of 1 million podcasts available in the world.

Geezer wants to fight and has just integrated podcast to its offer with 16 categories of programs. Amazon is even joining, which announced the launch of podcasts in Mexico and Brazil in order for customers to find multiple content also in their ranks.

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Even Mercado Libra joins this craze for podcasts and that will be the medium in which it celebrates its 21 years. They will be available to its more than 15 million vendors and 52 million users, but soon the first is titled: “Side by side, find the way around.”

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In the case of Librettos Gandhi, he retains his irreverent style and for the sample comes a preview from the official social networks of his agency, Monumental, and has been praised for its freshness.

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Gandhi is trending with media consumption habits, which have changed dramatically, but indicate that digital platforms will continue mobile lead to be a priority for marketers, who said they plan to increase their allocations to digital channels, such as online videos, social media, displays, branded content, streaming, and podcasts.

In fact, the podcast are the key seventh marketing on its way to 2021, according to the sixth study Talk walker, the marketing old school re surging in digital formats, something like newsletters and audio passing podcasts and newsletters customized based on user preferences.

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