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Civil Protection suspends Best Buy store for violating sanitary regulations

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Civil Protection suspends Best Buy store for violating sanitary regulations

After Best Buy left Mexico and tried to close in an orderly manner the 41 branches it has throughout the country and in response to information about a possible auction sale, the company finally took up the idea and wanted to take advantage of it by launching unmatched prices from your stock.

However, things did not go as expected, because although the dream of every brand is to have full stores and sell in large Greece Email Database quantities, in this case it is what has been played against the risk of being exposed to crowds and therefore to contagions.

Best Buy stores were full and customers jeopardized their health in order to buy Nintendo consoles at an unbeatable price, so in the end the company was also put at risk in terms of figures as it was able to pay ends for breaking. with the sanitary regulations established by not being able to control security at their points of sale, so they decided to close early.

But in some stores the situation is unsustainable and in the case of the Benito Juarez Delegation authorities, the responsibility led them to close a Best Buy store due to the enormous risk posed by so many people together amid an upturn in cases in the contingency.

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That is why they reported that Mayor Santiago Taboo asked Civil Protection to suspend activities in the Best Buy store in Patio mobile lead Universalized, because they did not follow sanitary protocols and therefore they went to close it momentarily until it is safe to go to it.

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“The mayor Starboard has instructed Civil Protection Blinder to suspend activities in the Best Buy store in Patio Universalized, because they did not follow the sanitary protocols”, can be read in the official networks of the Benito Juarez mayor’s office.

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