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Exclusive interview with Blanca Bello, entrepreneur woman at the helm of Luna Viajera

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Exclusive interview with Blanca Bello, entrepreneur woman at the helm of Luna Viajera

Luna Riviera, an online travel agency.
She defines herself as a mom, entrepreneur, partner, professional and marathoner; He claims to dedicate himself 100% to each of these facets. “Running has taught me that I can be free, independent (…) the motivation to give my best,” shares Blanca.

And precisely that motivation is his secret to shed the fear of uncertainty that the Covid 19 pandemic brought to Luna Riviera, his online travel agency.

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A friend heard about the opportunity to start an online travel agency and suggested the low investment business idea to him. After analyzing the proposal, seeing costs, expenses, investment and receiving financial support for the initial capital, he launched the venture in July 2019. With an initial investment of $ 25 thousand pesos, he created his brand Luna Riviera.

for Traveling Moon
At the beginning of the venture, promoting their travel packages was their greatest challenge: “we believe that our families and acquaintances are going to buy us, because we are trustworthy, because they know us and… no!”, Reveals Blanca Bella.

A personal challenge for this enterprising woman has also been knowing how to give herself the necessary time to attend to her work de ells, her children de ells, her partner de ells, the administration of her home, her running training, the training courses of the online travel agency. and sleep.

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Social networks have been great allies to promote
Luna Riviera, which currently has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as having its own website.
Responding personally to all requests for quotations has been the way in which Blanca Bello has managed to expand her client portfolio.

The hit of Covid 19 to the tourism sector
This 2020, Blanca Bellow had growth plans for her de ells online travel agency, but the total high in the tourism sector due to the corona virus stopped them completely.
“People do want to travel, they ask, but in the end, they stop because of Covid 19. Yes, I have achieved some sales, but they have been minimal,” he admits.

“I decided to focus completely on national travel, so as not to risk my clients closing borders, in case they were to close due to a change in the pandemic traffic light during their trip,” explains the Tourism graduate.

With integrity and a positive attitude, Blanca Bellow shares: “Fortunately, I don’t have to pay rent, I don’t have employees or bills to pay. I keep promoting myself on social networks, I think I must always be present, Luna Riviera must always be current ”.
But not all the impact of Covid 19 has been negative for this online travel agency, as Blanca Bell has been able to take advantage of online training and add some diplomas and courses on some tourist destinations and the new health security measures in the tourism sector to better target your customers.

Entrepreneurial woman advice
When questioning her about what she would say to other women to motivate them to undertake, Blanca Bellow was emphatic when she said: “Take risks, they can mobile lead. At first, it seemed crazy to me: work, children, home, my careers; Where can I get more hours a day? And am I really going to risk with an online travel agency? They are very expensive! And yes, it is possible with everything, I conquered my fears. Feeling supported gave me wings to start with a dream ”.

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In Women Entrepreneurs we seek that each story of a Mexican woman who took the risk of launching her entrepreneurial idea is a reason to encourage others to save their fears and start the path towards the goal of achieving their dreams and being successful business women.

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