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Pepsi now dedicates itself to spa kits with soda-scented salts

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Pepsi now dedicates itself to spa kits with soda-scented salts

It is the last period of the complex year that the world has lived, but in the face of an upturn in infections, the happiness of the December holidays does not come at all. Some continue to be stressed by confinement and other issues, so some brands focused on alleviating the issue, is the case of Pepsi.

The brand knows that its consumers need motivation and that is why it has designed Pepsi Spa Kits to help consumers relax at home, for which they motivate digital conversation and participation in social networks Guyana Email List. By launching the spa kits through a social media giveaway, Pepsi is able to expand the reach of the campaign organically.

The company launched a raffle on Twitter, where it asks that under the HT one of the friends must be tagged and thus be able to participate for one of the exclusive kits that include a Pepsi sugar scrub with the scent of soda, a Pepsi Blue mask and a Pepsi-scented bath bomb. Kit items reflect the soft drink brand’s iconic bubbles, color and textures, and each product arrives in econ-friendly packaging.

Pepsi says the idea for spa kits grew out of the unpredictability of 2020, coupled with the typical stress of the holidays, so With its latest brand-name product, Pepsi can take advantage of trends around personal care that have emerged during a chaotic year. One of the segments with the greatest momentum in the contingency.

Brands see relaxation as an opportunity with the consumer and that is why, for example, Dove partnered with Pandora in October to present a soundtrack of relaxing soundscapes or that Babe Wine sold out its survival kits for Election Night to late October, which included wine, tissues, and a stress ball.

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For Pepsi, this is not the first time the company has integrated a lifestyle product into its marketing strategy. Recall that recently launched mobile lead a new drink called Drift well, which promotes relaxation and fights stress with non-carbonated water without calories or sugar, flavored and containing 200 grams of L-Athenian and 10 percent of the daily value of magnesium.

Under the slogan “Sip into Relax,” they went on sale online during December and will be available in stores in the first quarter of 2021. The MSRP is $ 17.99 per pack of 10 cans.

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