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Netflix opens the date of its strong letter to close the year: Selena

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Netflix opens the date of its strong letter to close the year: Selena

After several months and with high expectations, Netflix shared the progress of one of its most important projects for the end of the year: Selena, The series.

The artist is one of the icons of Tex-Mex and music in general, her personal branding is powerful, to the point that she not only continues to collaborate with companies such as the streaming platform, but with other companies.

Her trajectory will be told in two parts and starring actress Christian Serrate, using various costumes that Selena popularized in the 1990 s. “Selena’s two-part drama: The series explores her transition to maturity Performer without equal: from her beginnings singing at small events in Corpus Christi with her family, to her transformation into one of the most successful Oman Email List Latin artists of all time, as well as the years of effort and sacrifice that the Quintilian had to go through before for Selena’s meteoric rise to fame to come true “, detailed the streaming platform.

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In general, the project, beyond the show, is the perfect hook for millions of content consumers who will have a new option next month, with the arrival of Disney Plus to streaming. While the transnational will place options such as its powerful Multan, Netflix will make use of its maximum arsenal, especially on Christmas holidays, a season that drives consumption.

Even without Latin American subscribers, Disney already exceeds expectations and when November rolls around, the number could skyrocket and get closer and closer to its competition. It reports 57.5 million subscribers in the markets it has reached so far and adds 100 million among its three streaming services: Disney Plus, Hutu, and ESPN Plus.

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The convening power of Selena’s personal brand has fueled careers, like that of Jennifer Lopez, who rose to fame in 1997 thanks to her portrayal of her singer in the movie “Selena.”

Last year BTF Media and Disney Media Distribution for Telecommute tried the same with the transmission of the series “El Secret de Selena”, starring the actress Maya Zapata, based on the interviews that the journalist Maria Celeste Arras did with Yolanda Salivary, the killer of the singer.

But that goes further, towards the brands, MAC Cosmetics, the firm dedicated to makeup and cosmetics, launched a line inspired by the singer, a limited edition that returns to the market, after the first collection was a success.

The first collection had cosmetics to recreate her classic look, with red lips and pink shadows; the second is called “Blu Nude” and focuses on paying tribute mobile lead to Latina women. One of their products has attracted special attention: “lip glass” in a pink tone called “Midi Bid Tom Tom”.

Other collections that have generated excitement in the market have been from celebrities such as Marian Carey, Hanna, Nikki Minaret, Kelly and Sharon Osborne, Liza Milliner, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe and Lord, to name a few.

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