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Beat promises Tesla rides, but charges extra for it

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Beat promises Tesla rides, but charges extra for it

Some have the dream of getting into a Tesla even just to meet it. Cars are an experience in themselves, even a few weeks ago the brand went viral thanks to a video on TikTok that showed some of its functions.

For example, it has been integrating video calls for a long time that are now essential, and they have even added Netflix and Spottily, a function that only Oman Email Address works when the car is stopped. Video calls and series seem like a luxury, but they are a small part of what a Tesla can do.

However, the purchasing power of the majority of the population in Mexico, prevents having a Tesla, and therefore, knowing its functions. That is why the private travel app Beat makes available trips in these vehicles as if they were a plus for your brand.

Beat VIP service
According to Sanka Ilia, COO of Beat, transportation of this type “must be electrified” and as the Tesla 3 in question are vehicles that already belong to the company, he decided to incorporate them into the operations of the CDMX, a place where they can be handled as a plus in service, so they will handle it as premium and that means it will be more expensive.

They will have trained drivers and, the trips with Beat Tesla, will be more expensive, Ilia confirmed to Forbes, since it will be mobile lead a premium service: “The objective of attracting all pioneer users, environmentally conscious, technophobes and all passengers who want to navigate through their daily transportation needs, without compromising on luxury and comfort. ”

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The expansion of the premium service will reach the cities where Beat operates in 2021. Outside of Mexico, to Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

Tesla has shone in numbers this year, as the electric carmaker’s shares have risen 269 percent this year, though not everything at the company is keeping up with those promising numbers. The company accounts for the bulk of his $ 70.5 billion fortune to Musk, as he owns about a fifth of Tesla’s outstanding shares. Its majority ownership of Space represents approximately 15 billion.

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