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The series Emily in Paris gets Netflix in trouble with a whole country

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The series Emily in Paris gets Netflix in trouble with a whole country

Emily in Paris is a content that has been successful for Netflix. While thousands of comments are positive on social networks, an entire country is against the series.
The marketing and advertising are key players for the just main character works in the industry as an infallible strategist who arrives in Paris to give their perspective of social networks and how they can boost a campaign, and even brand product Norway Email List. He even talks about the uselessness of influences when there is no clear strategy and establishes that quality content is a good response to the lack of conversation around the company.
However, beyond the fact that members of the marketing and advertising industry can understand how complex it is to deal with customers and brands, especially when they are not familiar with the country, there is a serious problem for Netflix, as a result of the recent launch of the series.
Seemingly it is a negative point to put the gaze of the average American on Paris and his life because according to the critics from France, it is a compendium of cliches, including mimes, baguettes, glamorous cafes and a postcard in which the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triumph cannot be missed.
From RTL they are devastating: “rarely have we seen so many cliches about the French capital since the Parisian episodes of Gossip Girl or the end of The Devil Wears Prada”.
For Premiere: “In ‘Emily in Paris we learn that the French are’ all bad ‘, that they are lazy and never make it to the office before the morning is out, that they are suggestive and not tied to the concept of loyalty, that they are sexist and retrograde and of course have a questionable relationship with the shower. Yes, not a cliche has been forgiven, not even the slightest “.
Sens Critique ends the reputation of the creators: “The screenwriters must have doubted for two or three minutes whether to put a baguette under each Frenchman’s arm, or even a beret to distinguish them. On the other side of the coin, everyone smokes cigarettes and flirts to death ”.
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The perspective of the media obeys the comments of the spectators who cannot conceive of their nationals from the point of view of Americans, according to them, since it must also be said that even Mexicans who have been able to go to that nation, point out who have the same point of view on the deal and other aspects that the series suggests.
The Power of Emily’s Content in Paris
Beyond this position that does not finish convincing, the numbers support the content, since it is among the favorites choices in the platform’s lists and this weekend it was even a trend, by exalting its photography and narrative, similar to the one that mobile lead the creator Darren Star, behind Sex and The City, handles in the popular series and film saga that I have achieved.
The series has even launched special editions by brands that are not luxury, such as Zara, with a series of garments with messages that allude to the content and that have become a collection of products that bet on nostalgia marketing, since It is one of the classic stories in the history of American television, centered on telling the love life of a group of friends with New York City as the great setting. Its power even extended to the beer market with a recent collaboration between Stella Tortoise and Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the protagonists.
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