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Inbound Marketing Results in the Industrial Sector

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Inbound Marketing Results in the Industrial Sector

The new Inbound Marketing Study 2021 Canada Email Address includes the analysis of the results obtained by companies in the industrial sector during 2020 (and earlier).

The data for this particular year is important because.  it reflects how industries managed to improve their customer acquisition.   levels with inbound marketing despite having been at the same time overcoming.   the collapse of global supply chains due to the crisis. of COVID-19.

Today,  industries continue to manage to overcome the challenge of maintaining their levels of productivity and commercialization despite the extra efforts they have to invest due to the confinement, social distancing and biosecurity measures that continue to be in force.

of the Inbound Marketing Study

Inbound marketing results in the industrial sector

However, in the industrial sector, campaigns were only executed through Facebook Ads.  The metrics used in to analyze the results of inbound marketing in companies in the industrial sector were the following:
Results of inbound marketing applied to companies in the industrial sector

Next, we will show you the results obtained by the industries in terms of attracting visits mobi lelead capturing records ( leads ) and conversion to MQL ( marketing qualified leads ) when implementing inbound marketing strategies combined with methodologies specially designed by InboundCycle.

In the segments for capturing visits and registrations,   you will see that we first explain the total results and then the organic ones ,  while in the segment on converting leads to MQL you will see only the total results. We explain it to you:On the other hand, at the end of this article we also show you the payment results .

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Results of attracting visits in industrial projects
The total traffic capture that companies in the industrial sector managed to have went from being more than 18,000 visits in the first semester to more than 100,000 in the sixth semester .

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