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Instagram Shopping: What it is, How it Works and 5 Tips to Sell More

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Instagram Shopping: What it is, How it Works and 5 Tips to Sell More

You’ve likely seen product name and price tags on Cape Verde Email List some Instagram posts. Would you like to know how to implement it in your business?

We will talk about this precisely in this post, since Instagram Shopping has turned the social network into a very powerful sales channel, and more and more brands decide to take advantage of their profiles to sell directly and not only to add likes and generate engagement . Don’t be left behind! The most revolutionary thing about Instagram Shopping is that it represents a triple solution: it gives users a more complete experience in the way they connect with brands and their products, while for ecommerce it becomes a marketing and sales solution much More complete.

The other big winner when implementing this feature is, of course, Instagram. Not only is it shown as a more comprehensive tool for brands, but it also makes users spend m

How does Instagram Shopping work?

Instagram Shopping: what it is, how it works and 5 tips to sell more

This feature of tagging products follows the same logic with which you can tag other people on Instagram posts.

To use it, it is necessary to have a commercial account, an ecommerce and link your account with Facebook Business Manager .

In addition, it is possible to create Instagram Ads with product labels, announce product launches, sell on Instagram Live broadcasts, and sell without leaving Instagram .

However, at the moment some of these features are exclusively available in the United States.

Advantages of using Instagram Shopping

Surely you have seen the product labels in publications of big brands like Adidas or Diesel. However, this is a much more useful option for SMEs and entrepreneurs who can connect with a large audience through the social network; even something as simple as reaching more local mobi le lead audience can be achieved with this feature.

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If you are considering joining Instagram Shopping, here is a detailed list of its benefits:

  • shortened and simplified . Asking users to stop what they’re doing on Instagram and go to your store’s website is too much. With Instagram Shopping, consumers take fewer steps to reach your store.
  • More complete statistics on Instagram . Today it is much easier to know which are the most effective commercial publications,   since you can measure conversions and sales with figures provided directly by Instagram.
  • Facilities to make content collaborations .
  • Greater reach in your publications . Not only the option “Explore” will help those who are not your followers find you.
  • More sales . This is the reason for this novel functionality. The biggest advantage of making the most of all these features is selling more.

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