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HubSpot Custom Objects What Are They and Why are They Important To

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HubSpot Custom Objects What Are They and Why are They Important To

If we are working with HubSpot, the logistics of shipping one of the recent concepts they have incorporated is custom objects. In HubSpot they play a fundamental role in being able to implement our inbound marketing strategies with ease.

Learn about HubSpot Custom Objects and find out how they can help you improve your website conversions.

We know that from theory to practice there is a world and, despite the fact that we have a large volume of information about our leads and contacts, we must know how to store and manage it with the most suitable tools. That’s why custom objects can get us out of more than one trouble to store and manage all your data in HubSpot.

To understand how custom objects work in HubSpot, you first need to understand what objects are in HubSpot and how they relate to custom properties and properties.

How do HubSpot custom objects work? Examples

HubSpot custom objects: what are they and why are they important to your business

Before creating a custom object make sure that the standard objects do not meet your needs, mobi lelead identify the purpose of this new creation, what structure it will have and what you want to use it for.

The following examples explain how HubSpot Custom Objects work. Take note!

Custom Objects for online courses and their teachers

Imagine that you are a university.

How to link all this information to the HubSpot CRM to successfully develop our online marketing campaigns?

It would be very difficult and virtually impossible to bring all of those attributes into HubSpot as custom properties. This is where custom items come to the rescue.

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In this example, the ideal would be to create an object called “Courses”. In turn, these courses would have their corresponding properties, that is, associate professors, campus where they are taught, etc. Well

Greater control of logistics in ecommerce

Another example to apply custom objects is found in the world of ecommerce.

If we have HubSpot implemented in an ecommerce,  we can have a complete vision of the sales funnel with the Sales Hub.   However, there is certain information that would be difficult to associate with a business once the sale is finalized:  the product shipping information.

If we think about it for a moment,  the properties that we can find in the logistics of shipping a product are multiple and of different nature:

tracking number, logistics operator, type of shipment,   destination address , number of packages, shipment status, etc. Bringing all these properties directly to the   “business” object by creating custom properties would be possible,   but impractical and difficult to keep up to date.

What to do then?

The best thing to do in this case is to create a .

with all the corresponding pr. Thus, we would associate the business object to the logistics object to maintain the relationship between both objects.

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