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Call-to-Action Button: What it is and How to Design it in 5 Tools

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Call-to-Action Button: What it is and How to Design it in 5 Tools

A call-to-action (CTA) button is the creative designed to guide the user to perform a certain action: make a download, purchase, request information, make a registration or offer, etc.

Do you want to know how to design these CTA buttons to increase your conversions and make the user want to click more? We show you some tools that will help you!
It is simple, Canadian Email Lists

Although in this tool there is no specific template to create CTA buttons, there is the option of designing online banners , which, in reality, is what works for us. In these banners we can insert the button we want, since, in addition to inserting the files we want for our design, the tool has numerous graphics and icons.

In addition, as an added advantage, it should be noted that it is a collaborative tool with which you can share your designs with your colleagues and clients.

What is a Call-to-action button: what it is and how to design it in 5 tools

Call-to-action button: what it is and how to design it in 5 tools

Call to action (CTA) are  mobi  “calls to mobi lelead action” because they invite the user to take an  action through a graphical representation that links to other content.

Behind this button there is always a specific objective : a sale, turn a user into a lead, collect more information about the user …

So, a CTA is:

  • The link to a clear and specific offer
  • An offer aligned with the content where it appears
  • What responds to a specific pain of the buyer person
  • An attractive design consistent with the design of the web

Good practices of call to actions

Although it sounds very redundant, it is better to make it clear: to design call-to-action images it is advisable to include the drawing of a button . Thus, the user has no doubts that they have to click on this button to access what interests them.

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In addition, this button must be accompanied by the words “click here”  will be very classic, but what in marketing we call action- oriented  does not fail.

Examples and recommendations

  • Focus your CTA based on your buyer persona : it is likely that you will need to simplify a CTA much more if you target senior people than if you do it for marketers, with whom you can be more innovative and original.
  • Define the objective of the CTA: what do you want the user to do? It is advisable to prepare a type of CTA and, therefore, a type of offer for each phase of the purchase funnel of your buyer persona (some CTAs for visitors, for leads, others for customers works well : it is important to write a clear message that denotes an action and does not include more than is strictly necessary.
  • Test: nothing better to check which version works best.

Tips for designing CTA buttons

It is advisable to follow the following

  • Start with the subject and the verb . In fact, verbs are the ones that increase the click-through rate the most.
  • Include numbers , show precision. An example is to indicate the benefit of the service you offer in figures or percentages.
  • Use adverbs sparingly . They are only useful if they help you understand the message.
  • Use between 90 and 150 characters.
  • Use less technical and more practical language.
  • Let the user know how the offer benefits them and how we can improve their life.

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