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HubSpot Service Hub: What It Is, How Much Does It Cost, And What’s Included

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HubSpot Service Hub: What It Is, How Much Does It Cost, And What’s Included

As you already know, HubSpot is a complete Burundi Email List CRM platform with marketing, sales, CMS, customer service, and operations software founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. How Much Does It is currently the market leading software in marketing automation and marketing analytics, according to G2Crowd .

The Service Hub offers customer service software , focused on solving customer inquiries, but also on gathering feedback and ensuring that the customer experience is optimal. It is very useful for commercial teams, since it allows all customer service information and each communication to be centralized in one place.

Hiring the Hubspot Service Hub can help your company improve customer service, and this will contribute to loyalty, so it can have a direct impact on the growth of your company . Basically, this Hub is designed to turn every customer interaction into a growth opportunity .

In this article we will explain what the Service Hub is used for and we will go into detail on the features it offers.

How much does it cost and how is Service Hub contracted?

HubSpot Service Hub: What It Is, How Much Does It Cost, And What's Included

HubSpot Service Hub Pricing

HubSpot currently offers three versions of the software with a variety of features including:

  • Starter version (from € 41 / month)
  • Pro version (from € 331 / month)
  • Enterprise version (from € 1,104 / month)

You can consult the HubSpot page to review the features that each one includes, as well as calculate the price according to the number of users who use the software.

Of course, we recommend you hire the Service Hub at the same time as the other Hubs, since it is possible to create packages with the different Hubs and thus get discounts. Another trick? It is also possible to get lower prices by paying in advance.

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Service Hub Specific Features

The HubSpot Service Hub includes a wide variety of functionalities, some shared with the rest of the Hubs mobi lelead (such as templates, documents, meetings or calls, which also includes the Sales Hub) and others specific to this Hub, such as tickets, the tray of conversations, live chat, chat bots and even the creation of satisfaction surveys and the knowledge base.

In this section we will talk about the exclusive features of the Service Hub:

Satisfaction surveys

The satisfaction surveys section basically includes the possibility of creating surveys to carry out with your clients and thus be able to monitor their satisfaction with your product or service. The objective is to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the user’s purchase process in order to improve it.

With this functionality we can create three different types of satisfaction surveys:

  • Customer Loyalty Survey Customers are asked if they would recommend the product or service, to measure the likelihood that customers will recommend the company to other people.
  • Technical assistance survey: every time a request managed through a ticket is closed, feedback on the management of this incident will be requested.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – Used to gather feedback on customer experience. This type of survey can be sent via email or displayed on any web page that has the HubSpot tracking code installed.
  •  Knowledge base

    Thanks to this functionality you can create a knowledge base with articles that solve common queries about your product or service . Once published, these articles can be indexed in Google so that the user is autonomous in the resolution of queries, or restricted access can be given.

    This option also includes the possibility of creating categories and tags to classify articles, as well as a search engine.

    The goal of this tool? Provide customers with all the information necessary for their experience to be optimal. This is especially useful for software companies, for example.

    HubSpot itself uses this functionality a lot: it has published a very extensive knowledge base, so users can quickly resolve their doubts on any topic related to their software.

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