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How to Get New Leads and Customers Content Ideas That Converts

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How to Get New Leads and Customers Content Ideas That Converts

Are you thinking of alternative ways to get new customers for your business? Burkina Faso Email List Whether you are an SME,  a large company or a start-up, when we talk about online marketing, getting new customers means getting quality leads and, above all, commercial quality.

You may wonder: “Why is it important to get leads to get customers? Are there no faster ways to reach customers, without having to go through the whole process?   Keep reading!

Get leads through inbound marketing

The first of all is to clarify well what is a lead in inbound marketing . mobi lelead  A lead is basically any user whose data you have to identify and work with. But it is one thing to have a record in the database and quite another, for it to be a quality lead.

Inbound marketing is a methodology (almost a philosophy) that, as you may already know, bets on qualifying and classifying these leads ( lead scoring ) to work them through an education (via email, SMS, WhatsApp even) towards the purchase ( lead nurturing ) .

How to capture leads? Some conversion ideas

How to Get New Leads and Customers: 7 Content Ideas That Converts

Before starting with the MOFU and BOFU content suggestions to get more prepared leads at a commercial level, let me warn you that, if you want to get the data of a user or, going further, fill out a form such as “I wish to be contacted ”, You will have to offer something in return. You have several options, although I recommend these:

  1. In inbound marketing we talk a lot about the BOFU offer : a purely product offer, which involves a commercial contact by a user, but which goes beyond explaining the benefits of your product or service . Examples are a free counseling session or a demo with an expert, among others.
  2. Another very useful idea inside and outside the online world is discounts .  have the lead generated.
  3.  A simple lead nurturing to these leads could provide you with a good number of new customers
  4. The access to training (in live or recorded video, slides …) is also a good incentive to leave the data, especially if it is free. If the training is well related to the service you offer,   it will demonstrate the interest   of the leads obtained with this marketing action and its commercial potential
  5. Similarly, webinars are gaining more presence in online marketing strategies ,  especially since the massive digitization of events caused  by the coronavirus pandemic. Talks with experts, small formations, trend demonstrations, always live, usually have a high participation.
  6. Lastly, don’t forget the value of personalization in the MOFU and BOFU offers.
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Where can I distribute my MOFU and BOFU content from?

At this point, and knowing all these ideas, you have many channels from

which to capture leads with commercial value through MOFU and TOFU inbound content. There are three that interest you especially if you are looking for how to get new clients:

  • One of the fastest ways is usually inbound online advertising. We are talking about campaigns on Facebook LinkedIn or Instagram ADS.
  •   in which you do not simply promote your product, but instead make an offer in exchange for the data.
  • The of your website would be the other broader channel. By introducing Call To Actions (CTA),  pop-ups, embedded forms with few fields  , floating bars, etc.,   you can take advantage of your traffic to direct it to the landing pages with the offers.
  • Finally, although for this you need a powerful and well-worked organic channel.
  •   blog inboundization also allows you to direct visits to landing pages. In this case,  you must follow a for which to position,   and suggest MOFU or BOFU offers appropriate to the blog’s categories.

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