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Enjoy Video Calls With your Smartphone to Movistar Home Thanks to ViLTE Technology

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Enjoy Video Calls With your Smartphone to Movistar Home Thanks to ViLTE Technology

To do group work, to see grandfather, to give a Pilates class … one of the things that the pandemic has brought us has been the use of video calls. They have served to keep people connected even from a distance.  And it is enough to try to teach an elderly person to make a video call, to realize that technology has advanced a lot in recent years .

The landline phone has lost importance in most homes,

but new times bring substitutes like Movistar Home ,  which allows you to make calls, video calls , listen to music or control Movistar +, among many other things.

We have had other technological advances in the home in addition to the landline. Croatia Email Address After the technological blackout came DTT, but now there are decoders, such as the UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder , which allow you to see more content and with the best 4K image quality. If the connection did not arrive in your room,   you had to move around the house to find the best WiFi coverage,   but now there is the Smart Wifi Amplifier or the Smart WiFi 6 Amplifier that improves connectivity and speed so that you have a connection anywhere in the world. home.

What is ViLTE and VoLTE technology and what is it for?

Enjoy video calls with your smartphone to Movistar Home thanks to ViLTE technology

Video over LTE is a feature that carriers are developing to optimize connection and customer devices . . This technology allows the user to make video calls between terminals without the need for any extra application.

The calls are calls 4G VoLTE an improvement in the mobile network regarding the GSM or UMTS networks used before.

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Voice over LTE offers different advantages collected in this post , although here we are going to review the main ones. You also have the ability to browse 4G while on a call. The connection has been streamlined, achieving almost immediacy between dialing the number and the contact. And battery use is also reduced with VoLTE calls.

How to use ViLTE and VoLTE technology on devices

Telefónica is working on improving people’s connectivity , and that includes ViLTE and VoLTE technology. mobile lead The Movistar Home device allows you to make a call to any VoLTE terminal with ViLTE activated by dialing with your voice, as we have seen previously. But this is not the only thing it can do, it also allows video calls between Movistar Home devices.

TE and it must have ViLTE technology activated. Some of those devices that support video calls with Movistar Home are:
In addition to making video calls, Movistar Home has other functionalities such as controlling Movistar + , playing games with the family , listening to podcasts and music , or configuring your routines . There are many features of Movistar Home. If you are a Fusion Client, do not miss the opportunity and get yours through the website for only 19.90 euros . mobile lead

You can interact with Movistar Home through your voice thanks to Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant , or by touch. Say “OK Aura, call Daddy” and he will dial the number you have saved.

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