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My Online Doctor, Also in Travel Insurance?

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My Online Doctor, Also in Travel Insurance?

If you are a travel regular , you may have taken out travel insurance on several occasions . Its purpose is to help you in different unexpected situations,  but for which it is convenient to be prepared depending on where you travel.

Loss of luggage, travel interruption due to serious causes,

The motto of Movistar Salud , Movistar’s telemedicine or remote medicine service , is “Online medicine. Doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ”. Another of their mottos is “Taking care of your health anytime, China Email Database anywhere.” Precisely, one of the advantages of telemedicine is that it does not require you to be in a particular location to be treated. You only need a device with Internet access to make your query.

At the moment, Movistar Salud is not integrated into any travel insurance, By call or by video call. Wherever you are.

where i need My online doctor, also in travel insurance?

My online doctor, also in travel insurance?

The main asset of Movistar Salud, compared to travel medical insurance, is that you can resolve medical . From the comfort of your home or, in the case that concerns us, wherever you are on vacation . A simple call. No travel, no queues and no bills or unexpected expenses.

To begin with, the first pillar of this online medicine service is the prior digital evaluation of symptoms . In other words, through the Movistar  All this with the help of artificial intelligence.

Second, the key to telemedicine related to distance medicine. 24 hours a day you have an online medical consultation service at your disposal . That means you can go to a professional and ask your doubts,  questions and medical issues no matter where you are. Have you gone on vacation and something did not suit you? Are you in a resort and you or a family member who accompanies you is not feeling well?  It does not matter the time difference or the time of day. Solving your problem comes first.

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Travel medical insurance and telemedicine i need My online doctor, also in travel insurance?

Travel insurance that covers medical assistance is perfectly compatible   with a telemedicine service such as the one offered by Movistar Salud. What’s more, they respond to two different needs , so they don’t interfere with each other.  In other words, if you have a medical question, Movistar Salud will answer it for you. But in specific situations, such as an accident or serious illness ,   you have no choice but to go to a health center wherever you have traveled.

Movistar Salud serves to resolve doubts and obtain solutions to primary care problems . You can even provide online prescriptions or prescriptions in certain situations. For its part, travel medical insurance financially covers medical assistance due to illness.   or accident that requires a visit to a health center or the acquisition of a medicine in a pharmacy.

The purpose of travel medical insurance is to cover medical expenses coordinated by the National Health System in our country .


Movistar Salud in winter and summer
Wherever you are, inside or outside of Spain,  Movistar Salud will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can register on their official website either individually with the Personal Program or with the Family Program, mobile lead which covers two adults and children.


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