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Find Out What OBD is and How to Find it in Your Car

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Find Out What OBD is and How to Find it in Your Car

Have you ever had a check engine warning light or pop-up window on your dashboard? Cuba Email List If so, you discovered the simplest version of OBD earlier .

OBD translates On Board Diagnostics . It is the on-board valuation system in vehicles. The modern iteration of OBD is more sophisticated and deep. With better knowledge of emissions, performance and fuel economy. While providing an improvement in problem solving ability. They are the brain or onboard computer, to name them in some way.

We can say that it is a crucial tool to determine, repair and unlock various parameters in a car. For example, a mechanic can use an OBD scanner , which allows him to read and erase DTC codes, or alert codes. It is in this way that you can also modify certain complexities in the car repair process.

Where did this type of technology originate?

The history of on-board diagnostics dates back to the 1960s. Various organizations laid the foundation for the standard. Including the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It is important to note that before standardization, manufacturers created their own systems. The first of these was Volkswagen, who introduced their version of the scan-capable OBD computer system in 1978. Since then each manufacturer has created its own version with a particular connector type and electronic interface requirements.

How to take better advantage of the OBD system?

Find out what OBD is and how to find it in your car

A basic OBD system consists of a central system, a network of sensors, an OBD connector point, and indicators. Through them it is possible to create a complete monitoring system with standardized access and readability. Likewise, we can find that this system consists of the following components:

  • ECU: It is the central part of the OBD system which collects information from various sensors throughout the vehicle. mobile lead  The uses this data to control parts of the vehicle, such as fuel injectors, or to monitor problems.
  • Sensors: They cover all areas, from the engine and chassis to the electronics itself. Each of these systems sends codes to the ECU, specifying the source and parameters of the signal.
  • DTC: Basically, the DTC code is a list of letters and numbers that indicate the source and nature of the problem.
  • MIL: Lights formally known as Malfunction Indicator Lights or MILs.
  • DLC: is the OBD port or access point. It is often located under the dash, on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
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