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Divergence: the Little-Known Pillar of Large Companies

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Divergence: the Little-Known Pillar of Large Companies

The divergence is an area known for some large companies that have paid off their creativity in each of its processes, and therefore successful.

These are the set of conditions such as dyslexia, dysphoria, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or that belong to the autism spectrum Portugal Email List. Although for the most conservative this means problems to deal with, for the most intelligent companies that have discovered its power, it becomes a style of work that results in innovation.

Creativity and innovation are two aspects that cannot be bought on their own, something that everyone wants to have but few can achieve. But some firms have found it constant in having employees with divergence, that the result always surprises them.

This is the case of David Joseph, CEO of Universal Music UK, one of the largest record companies in the region, who incorporates talents as diverse as divergence into his company.

How to keep in touch with your coworkers while working remotely
Also the Central Office of Communications of the British Government (GCHQ), emphasizes that in his team there is a “mixture of minds”. That is, they have employees with these different capacities and it has worked perfectly. “Without biodiversity, we would not be GCHQ,” the intelligence and security agency in charge of providing information to the country’s government and armed forces said in a statement.

However, a study by the Certified Institute for People and Development in the United Kingdom (CIPD) is revealing, which highlights that 72 per cent of British employers ignore biodiversity in company policies.

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This results in being excluded from personnel management and by not detecting possible cases, in addition to becoming hell for employees, companies miss development and growth opportunities for both parties.

The CIPD estimates that about 10 percent of the population is divergent in some way. Therefore, most companies would be losing benefits associated with biodiversity. And it is that its characteristics give them unique abilities, such as systematic thinking and mathematical strengths. Therefore, sectors such as Information Technology would benefit from divergent workers.

Divergence integration
Employees with these characteristics tend to prefer privacy and focus on an activity with such concentration that they forget the rest, which makes them more productive and faster, although their social skills are generally their biggest obstacle. Offices are not usually ideal because there is noise and many people, they tend to have a bad time and when they take a moment for another activity, once they quickly finish the one assigned to them, they spend so much time in it that managers end up thinking they are lazy.

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However, those who have been able to detect the advantages of this practice, not discriminating and placing optimal conditions for its development, end up looking more and more for these professionals, without neglecting those who are not divergent, but complementing the ecosystem in favor of the company.

It is not difficult to adapt the spaces, it would only be necessary to have headphones that block the ambient sound or computer programs that mobile lead translate from voice to text or vice versa, in addition to other peculiarities in the way of ordering the space, light and messages.

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But in the midst of confinement, it can even be an advantage that everyone works from their space, concentrating on results, which in the end is what matters most to companies. To show the processes of Google, which are even the subject of hilarious videos, since its collaborators work in such diverse and relaxed ways that the most conservative cannot conceive of this as a way of working, but they said the same about the home office.

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