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Palladio ed Pierrot Launches Magic Campaign: Users say the Best Trick is to Make Things Disappear

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Palladio ed Pierrot Launches Magic Campaign: Users say the Best Trick is to Make Things Disappear

Eli Palladio ed Pierrot stars in a campaign with elements of magic to promote its Palace Nights and its production is quite outstanding. With a set of lights and digital screens, artists make an impeccable execution in their new videos, Things Disappear which are interactive with their customers, by placing them at the physical point of sale by means of a QR that must be scanned.

In addition to this, its e-commerce portal has been renewed and its effectiveness increased, which in the end is reflected in higher sales for the company Poland Email List. However, it seems that their weak points are not those, not their e-commerce, or their advertising, but their customer service, at least they express it in social networks, where the campaign has played against them.

Before the launch of various spots on its official Facebook profile, Eli Palladio ed Pierrot posted:
“Magic or illusion? Both? This show will make you doubt reality but never magic. We are waiting for you at Salaciousness! ”

This is his clever campaign for Palace Nights.

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But the responses were the negative part that the company’s customer service exhibits, as they left messages about refunds that have not reached them and highlighted that “the best magic trick they perform is to disappear the products.”

Eli Palladio d Pierrot has received complaints, but it has joined the conciliates program of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office since mobile lead December 2019, and to date there is 95 percent attention to customer complaints via conciliation through said program.

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But sometimes it is not enough, so the company has an uphill task to solve with its customers.

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