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Digital Marketing on Instagram: Benefits of Incorporating it Into Your Strategy

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Digital Marketing on Instagram: Benefits of Incorporating it Into Your Strategy

Instagram came to light in 2010 as one more social network,  but it currently has millions of users around the world and has various tools to increase visibility. Benin Email Address Therefore, companies are betting on this social network and include it in their digital marketing strategy as an essential part.

In this article I will tell you the benefits, the keys to success and how to start your digital marketing strategy on Instagram

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The first steps to start a digital marketing strategy is to have an account, mobilelead update it,  provide the necessary information and start browsing each of the available tools.

It is also necessary to know the formats offered by this social network.

so that they can adapt to the content that you want to publish.  The Instagram formats that you should know yes or yes are:

Photos and videos

is the social network with audiovisual content par excellence.  Photo and video are key in any feed, although video is the format that today drives more interaction and visibility .

Instagram TV (IGTV)

This format is in trend in 2021,  since it allows you to generate more dynamic,  attractive and longer-lasting content . The video you upload must last a minimum of 60 seconds and a maximum of 15 minutes if you do it from the mobile application,  although if you do it from the web platform it allows a maximum of 60 minutes.

Instagram Stories

The jackpot in terms of views goes to This format is characterized by its visibility in portrait mode and by having a maximum duration of 24 hours . The content that is published there can be in version

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Digital marketing on Instagram: 7 benefits of incorporating it into your strategy

Benefits of having a digital marketing strategy on Instagram

has the possibility of promoting and taking your brand to another leve but there is still more… Now I will tell you about some benefits of including this social network in your  strategy.

1. Brand creation and promotion

With Instagram it is possible for brands to define their identity and reinforce their corporate values . For example,  if a company publishes a publication with photos accompanied by its colors and corporate elements, its audience will be more attracted and will identify with what they are looking at, that is, they will feel familiar.

It is important that, as a company,  you take advantage of the tools of this social network to give your audience valuable:

attractive, dynamic and of interest.

2. Increase in traffic to the business website

As we mentioned at the beginning,  Instagram has more than 1,000 million active users , a number that is increasing due to the benefits that can be obtained from this social network. In this sense, it allows companies to redirect users to their website, blog or online store, and thus increase . Although Instagram does not allow you to click directly on the links,  so it will be necessary to add the URL of your web page in the biography of your Instagram profile, in the location or in a stories.

3. Wide dissemination

Instagram has the option to link other social networks, such as  or Tumblr. By doing this, you allow the content to reach more people and the coverage to be greater.

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